America's Wildest Roads: Rocks and Roadkill

Rocks and Roadkill highlights 10 of the most nail-biting drives in the United States. We face truckers' nightmares, take hard-core off-road adventures and go on the hunt for roadkill.

Truck driver Al Jones travels the dangerous Route 52 in West Virginia. He has a scare when he almost hits a tractor trailer on Horsepen Mountain.

Other coal truck drivers aren't as lucky as Al and end up jackknifing.

On the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, off-road enthusiasts try to take on massive boulders.

El Dorado County Search & Rescue Team is sometimes called in to rescue stuck vehicles.

The rescue team tries to help a stranded vehicle in the challenging granite ravine called Little Sluice.

The crew sets up for a scene near a dam spill way.

In Florida there is a war on the roads ... wildlife vs. vehicle. Highway 27 near Tallahassee, FL, was not so kind to this turtle.

Python hunter Edward Mercer is concerned about the safety of those who travel the road ... humans and animals.

Thanks to Matt and concerned citizens, an "eco-passage" has been built to help protect the wildlife. Here, a family of turtles, takes advantage of the trail.

South of Tallahassee is the Tamiami Trail which is even wilder. This poor raccoon was not so lucky.

At Glacier National Park, crews have to rescue stranded vehicles from snow banks. They had more than 80 feet of snow during their last season.

It takes months for snow plows to clear out all the snow that the park gets during the winter.

The plows work hard to clear the roads but one avalanche after another brings their progress to a crawl.

A cameraman gets a shot of snow-capped mountains from a road overlook.

In California, Highway 1 provides scenic views of Big Sur and the Pacific Ocean.

After a long day of navigating the roads, you sometimes need a rest. These seals have got it right!

Highway 1 has landslides that can close parts of the road for weeks at a time.

Retired pediatrician Bill Mannschreck has climbed the 18-mile Spiral Highway in northwest Idaho more than 100 times. The road has 64 twists and turns.

Thrill-seekers love Washington Pass, high atop Route 20 in the Cascade Mountains. The pass is only open 6 months out ofd the year due to its hairpin turns and steep climbs.

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