Sedona and Red Rock Country Road Trip

Set off on a road trip to Sedona through the visually-stunning Red Rock country past dazzling nature framed by towering red rocks.

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Set off on a road trip to Sedona, and travel past a dazzling display of nature and history framed by towering red rocks.

Over 1,000 years ago, Native Americans built their homes in the limestone cliffs outside of Sedona.

People come to meditate and reflect at the Red Rocks vortex sites, or energy centers.

Flowering cacti bloom in the hot Arizona sun in Sedona.

Hikers, swimmers and sunbathers enjoy the banks of Oak Creek Canyon, where the colorful red rocks meet the clear running water.

Bring along your camera to take pictures of the remarkable geology, including red-rock waterfalls.

As seen in Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona, stunning red rocks are a masterpiece a million years in the making with bright hues created by nature.

Water chutes have been carved into the rocks over time making for a rocky slip and slide at Slide Rock State Park.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Catholic chapel nestled between 2 towering red-rock formations.

Take a hike along the Schnebly Hill Trail in Coconino National Forest for expansive red-rock views.

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