Signs of the Road

Check out some of our favorite quirky signs you might encounter on your next road trip.

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Get your kicks spotting one of these California highway Route 66 signs.

One of the signs located outside of Midway Truck Stop in Columbia, Missouri - the home of Travel Channel's new show, Truck Stop Missouri.

Taking a trip through Alligator Alley? You might spot one of these panther-crossing road signs in Florida Everglades National Park.

Fitness fanatics in Venice Beach, California can feel a little safer when crossing the street. A huge sign warns careless motorists that body builders are crossing.

You'll find exotic -and possibly malevolent - buffalo crossing the road in Delta Junction, Alaska.

This whimsical sign tells motorists (and those on horseback) to "whoa" instead of stop at entrance to a rural Wyoming highway.

A friendly reminder from those who like to explore the city and countryside on two wheels: share the road.

This exit to nowhere is located near Vail Pass, Colorado.

Railroad Crossing sign on Wilson Road between Greenfield and East Monroe, Ohio.

Driving to Vegas, Fear-and-Loathing style? You'll be sure to pass this famous road sign.

Look out for dudes carrying longboards at the Mount Hermon campground and conference center near Felton, California.

A charging moose can do a great deal of damage to your car - better drive with caution!

Look out for warthogs if you're driving on this prairie country road.

Natural disasters abound, according to this sign near the Willamette River in Oregon.

This DUI traffic sign in Pennsylvania appeals to driver's budgets to stay sober on the road.

Make sure your bike wheels are perpendicular to the streetcar tracks - or you might find yourself head over handlebars. Luckily, the sign's victim is wearing a helmet.

Use a lower gear - and save your car's transmission in the mountains.

A sign states the obvious as floodwaters surround it on a roadway in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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