12 Essentials for Fall Camping

Just because it's getting a little chilly outside doesn't mean camping season is over. With these pieces of gear, you'll stay warm, cozy and connected both inside and outside your tent.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.
September 18, 2018

Trail Lights

Light up your camp with a strand or two of Revel Gear's Trail Hound lights. These 30-foot fairy lights pack down smaller (and lighter) than a deck of playing cards, and they're bright enough to eliminate the need for a headlamp. Dimmer switches allow you to conserve power, set the mood or make lights flash for an outdoor party.

Buy It: Revel Gear, $30

Rooftop Tent

Fall nights are chilly. Stay cozy, off the cold ground and away from animals with Roofnest's rooftop tents, which attach to your car's roof racks and set up in less than a minute. The tent comes with a cushy mattress, and there's enough space to store the ladder plus all your bedding, PJs and a few other accessories while the tent is closed.

Buy It: RoofNest, $2,695

Unisex Slippers

Glerups' wool and felt slippers are a must-have for chilly days and cool nights. While you might think felt shoes would cause you to overheat, these regulate your temperature, so you never get sweaty. And the natural rubber soles offer much better traction and weather protection than your average slipper, so they're suited for both all-day wear and wandering around the campsite.

Buy It: Amazon, $155

Sleeping Pad

The Comfort Deluxe SI sleeping pad from Sea to Summit is about as comfortable as it gets for a camp mattress. It's far more comfortable than a standard air mattress, thanks to the thick foam that allows the bed to self-inflate in just a couple minutes. Caveat: It's bulky, so you need to have a plan for where to keep it inside your house when you're not camping. But you'll never sleep better, or warmer, on a chilly night outside. It's worth it.

Buy It: Amazon, $170-$366

Down Blanket

Keep your sleeping bag clean and cozy for sleeping, and instead wrap yourself in Rumpl's water-resistant down blanket while you're hanging out under the stars. This thing sheds water and dirt and stays soft and cozy no matter what you throw its way. On warmer nights, Rumpl can also replace your sleeping bag for a much homier sleep experience. Try pairing Sea to Summit's double Comfort Deluxe SI pad, roughly the size of a full-size mattress, with a fitted sheet and Rumpl's two-person blanket. You'll never go back to your old system.

Buy It: Amazon, $200


Going camping without a pocketknife (and some duct tape) is asking for something to break. If ever there was a do-it-all pocketknife, Leatherman's Signal might be it. You'll find all your standard blades here as well as a firestarter, safety whistle, hammer and bottle opener.

Buy It: Amazon, $110

Portable Power Station

If you're running a lot of electronics, you're going to need a beefy charger. And not only does Goal Zero's Yeti series charge USB-powered devices for days, but it also has two AC adapters for laptops and small appliances. If you're hitting the road for a week or more, you might also want the Boulder 50 Solar Panel, which will ensure you never lose power.

Buy It: Amazon, $600

Portable Hammock

Whether you're a hammock camper or a sunrise hammock lover, it's hard to beat ENO's two-person hammock. It's lightweight, durable and its Atlas strap system (sold separately) is a cinch to set up. Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun colors.

Buy It: Amazon, $70

Two-Way Radio

As welcome as the lack of cell service usually is when you're going off-grid, it can be a pain when you're meeting up with a group of friends. Avoid that problem altogether by making sure everyone in your caravan has a walkie-talkie tuned to the same channel. Midland Radio's X-Talker Two-Way Radios have a range of up to 38 miles, perfect for keeping everyone in the loop.

Buy It: Amazon, $80

Stainless Steel Wine Glass

Leave your wine glasses at home. Instead, grab a set of EcoVessel's Port insulated wine mugs, which are virtually unbreakable and will keep all your beverages at just the right temperature. Use it for hot, spiced wine or whiskey on the rocks by the campfire, and then rinse it out and use it for your coffee or tea in the morning.

Buy It: Amazon, $18

Coffee Pocket PourOver

Forget instant. Warm up in the morning with a real cup of coffee. Kuju Coffee is a gamechanger for anyone who needs a jolt of caffeine in the morning. Unlike the instant stuff, this is the real deal, just in a portable package. Rip off the top of the filter pack, secure the arms to the sides of your mug and pour over hot water for an almost-instant, but much better, cup o' Joe. And know that you're doing good when you buy it, too: Kuju sources most of its coffee from a farm that employs former sex trafficking victims.

Buy It: Amazon, $8

Outdoor Speaker

This speaker may look small, but it packs a considerable punch. And it's waterproof, so you don't have to rush out into the rain to pack it up if you forget it outside. Its flexible arm securely wraps around tree branches, and the suction cup attachment will stick to car windows. It recharges with a USB cable, so you can juice it up with any portable battery pack.

Buy It: Amazon, $60