Editors' Picks: Holiday Wish List

As travel junkies, it’s no surprise we have a few things on our holiday gift wish list this year involving travel. See what’s at the top of our list for 2013.

Photo By: Dayna Winter

Photo By: Fab.com

Photo By: Clare Vivier

Photo By: Eskuche

Photo By: Contigo

Photo By: Skagen Denmark

Photo By: Rich Neeley Designs

Photo By: The North Face

Pet Travel Bowl

“Picture this: You’re on a long car ride, and suddenly, the dog begins to lick the condensation on the outside of your water bottle. Shoot! She needs water. But what to put it in? Don’t get caught in a pinch! These squishy pet travel bowls fold up so small, you can literally take them anywhere. An added bonus: they’re super cute!” -- Allee, Interactive Producer

Tablet Folio

"What’s the one thing we never leave home without? Our tablet, of course! I could forget my passport, but never my tablet (or iPad – whichever you prefer). And protection is key, so take care of it with the Tablet Folio from Fab.com." -- Rani, Managing Producer

Jewelry Travel Pouch

"I've found when I travel with jewelry I tend to only bring a few special pieces, which would perfectly tuck into this chic jewelry pouch. I'm usually not a fan of monograms, but the gold, block letters still feel modern." – Sara, Interactive Producer

Eskuche Control v2 Headphones

“The one thing I can't travel without is a good pair of headphones, but I still can't bring myself to drop $200 on a pair. Eskuche Control v2 headphones have all the quality, comfort and style of a high-end pair of headphones, but at a much more reasonable price. The retro styling keeps you hip while killing time at the airport or falling asleep on the plane, and the square, plush ear cups fit comfortably over your ears, so you can avoid the dreaded earring poke.” -- Amanda, Interactive Producer

Contigo Travel Mug

“The Contigo travel mug is the perfect vessel for road trips. When you fill it with your beverage of choice, you don't need to worry about spilling anything if the mug topples over during a hard turn … unless it's filled with Pellegrino, as it doesn't always work well with carbonated drinks.” -- Arthur, Video Producer

Skagen Watch

"I am a huge fan of watches. After scouring websites and retail stores, I found this affordable, yet sleek and classy Skagen watch – it’s the perfect gift for a watch lover.” – Ben, Interactive Producer

Book Dock

“If you travel a lot, making your destination feel a little more homey is always a plus and a Book Dock by Rich Neeley Designs can do just that. Every dock is unique and fits a variety of tablets and smartphones. I love that they keep my devices in one steady place, too, so I can avoid losing my smartphone in a hotel room’s unfamiliar nooks and crannies.” – Liz, Photo Editor

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

“I’m obsessed with SUP (stand-up paddleboarding); I even have even taken up SUP yoga. The only problem is there’s no easy way to carry those giant boards around. My problem is solved with this Tower inflatable stand-up paddleboard! Now I can easily carry my board when I travel, as it folds up, comes with its own carrying bag and even fits in the overhead compartment on a plane. Perfect for my next trip to Hawaii.” -- Kathleen, Interactive Producer

North Face Insulated Down Jacket

“With the Farmers’ Almanac predicting a nasty 2013-2014 winter season, it’s time to get back to the basics, with this sturdy, yet sleek long winter coat from The North Face. I’m hoping it will keep me warm in the wilds of Montana this winter!” -- Lisa, Interactive Producer

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