16 of the Best Camera Bags for Travelers

Whether you're scaling the edge of a mountain or taking a stroll downtown, these are the best travel camera bags for any photographer's adventures (and budget).

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December 18, 2018

Extra Storage: Lowepro ProTactic

Are you that photographer who always needs at least two camera bodies on them at all times? This bag is the one for you. Although it's pricey, the extensive storage, external tripod mount and the weatherproof cover make this bag worth every penny for photographers on-the-go.

Buy It: Amazon, $220

Extra Storage: Evecase Extra Large Bag

Extra compartments is an understatement. This fully convertible camera bag has a compartment for your 15" laptop, a tripod holder with straps and numerous compartments for your lens and camera. It's compatible with almost all DSLR bodies, and the middle compartment unzips from the bag to transform it into a travel bag.

Buy It: Amazon, $93

Extra Storage: Think Tank Rolling Bag

Okay, let's take a trip back to elementary school here with this spacious rolling bag. Sometimes, a backpack's limited storage just doesn't suffice, and if it does, the heavy-duty gear can be a serious strain on your back. With adjustable compartments, this bag can hold numerous lenses and two large camera bodies, as well as other camera gear. It's also the perfect size as a carry-on, making traveling with your camera gear easy as ever.

Buy It: Amazon, $260

Medium Storage: Lowepro Compact Bag

For those photographers who have one DSLR body and a couple of lenses, this bag offers the perfect storage. With adjustable organizers to store your gear, this bag will make room for all your go-to camera essentials. It's also lightweight, so that's a plus for travelers.

Buy It: Amazon, $49 (originally $69.99)

Adventure Bag: Explore 40

It's in the name--this bag is for the ultimate explorer and traveler. Whether you're out hiking, camping or scaling the edge of a mountain, this bag allows for easy access to your equipment. The adjustable harness allows for a hug-like fit to ensure the bag's weight is evenly distributed throughout your hips and front torso for little to no strain on your back or shoulders.

Buy It: Shimoda, $280

Adventure Bag: Manfrotto Backpack

This Manfrotto medium bag is great for hikers and photographers on-the-go. With a removable camera insert, a padded back panel and a roomy, organized interior, this bag will keep all your camera essentials in a neat, safe storage.

Buy It: Amazon, $126

Waterproof: Endurax

I know what you're thinking, the durable, protective camera bags aren't the most fashionable accessory you can wear. Well, this camera bag begs to differ, with numerous compartments, a drawer-like lower compartment with a built-in camera shoulder bag and an attractive design. It's also waterproof, so you can stash your gear in the middle of a downpour during your outdoor shoot for safe keeping.

Buy It: Amazon, $80

Waterproof: Vintage Bag

Taking a trip to your daughter's soccer game or your son's recital and don't want to lug around that huge camera bag? Make this your go-to camera bag for those quick trips you bring your camera to. Its stylish design is both shockproof and waterproof, so you know your gear is safe.

Buy It: Amazon, $28

Waterproof: Floating Bag

If you're quite the adventurer and often find yourself in water, this is your go-to bag. Not only is it shock resistant and waterproof, but it floats for an easy retrieval. Plus, it has tons of storage space.

Buy It: B&H Photo, $41

Messenger Bag: Pretty in Pink

If you're like me, shopping for anything pink is high on your list. That's why this super stylish blush pink shoulder bag is a favorite. If you're a beginning photographer and don't have much gear, or you just love pink, this bag is perfect for toting your camera on trips.

Buy It: Amazon, $40

Messenger Bag: Sleek Brown

If pink isn't your color, this travel-ready bag will be your favorite one to travel around in. Its water-resistant material will keep your gear dry, and it can hold up to one camera body, two lenses, one iPad or other tablets and other smaller camera accessories.

Buy It: Amazon, $34

Sling Bag: Altura

With optimal comfort, a sling bag is a great alternative to the traditional style backpack if you're not traveling with an extensive gear collection. This bag comes with adjustable padded dividers, a quick-access side opening and multiple storage compartments.

Buy It: Amazon, $35

Sling Bag: Lowepro Photo

This LowerPro sling bag is perfect for lightweight gear, and it has an expandable compartment that increases capacity by about 30 percent. Its fully padded removable camera box gives your camera gear all the protection it needs.

Buy It: B&H Photo, $35

Fanny: Yes, a Fanny

Yes, it's a fanny pack. But its accessibility to your equipment is a huge plus, and it comes with four dividers for an organized arrangement of gear. This is an efficient way of accessing your gear, especially if you want to embrace the full-on tourist vibe.

Buy It: B&H Photo, $130

Bag Insert: F-Stop Photo

Maybe you already have a backpack you love and it's just not made for camera storage, or you haven't found the style that best suits you. Add this internal camera unit, which has numerous compartments to store your gear in. Just slip this insert into your bag, and you have the bag of your choice with the ultimate camera space.

Buy It: F-stop, $100

Bag Insert: Storage Insert

If you don't need as much space, this insert is a great alternative to place in your bag for an efficient storage.

Buy It: B&H Photo, $58