10 Inspiring Hotels That Bring Street Art Inside

Bye-bye, cream-colored walls and ho-hum framed prints. Street art is where it's at right now.

Photo By: W Bellevue

Photo By: Keenan McCarthy

Photo By: Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel

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W Bellevue

W Bellevue is a delightful art-forward hotel in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to colorful, floor-to-ceiling murals across the property, W Bellevue feels more like an art installation rather than a luxury hotel. Three celebrated street artists were tapped to conceptualize and bring to life the hotel’s artwork. Among them, Andrew "Gaia" Pisacane is the urban artist behind the vibrant three-story installation that envelops the floating staircase. His work has been displayed at galleries around the world, including the Baltimore Museum of Art and Italy’s Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive.

Hotel Chicago West Loop

Hotel Chicago West Loop welcomes a new Urban Mural Exhibit into guest rooms this month as a way to share the essence of Chicago with hotel guests. Local street artists, JC Rivera and Asend, were picked to create floor-to-ceiling murals in select first-floor guest rooms. The murals convey what’s most loved about Chicago, including architecture, music, food and diversity. When not occupied, the colorful mural rooms are open for public display, as is the dedicated Annex space, which showcases more than 100 prized works of art.

Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel

The Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel has openly embraced the city’s burgeoning street art scene, celebrating the edgy art form across the 214-room property. Large, vibrant murals in common areas welcome guests, beckoning them to come in and explore. The Hideaway, a hip, underground event space within the hotel features graffiti art created by Joe C. Rock. A fine art muralist, Rock cleverly blended street art, cartooning and realism into works that serve as conversation pieces. Walk the art hallway for murals on display that rotate quarterly.

The Alexander

While some white-wash walls to remove graffiti, The Alexander in Indianapolis did the opposite. This stylish boutique hotel hired British street artist Nick Walker, a Banksy contemporary, to spray paint graffiti murals in the hotel parking garage, as well as in various public spaces throughout the hotel. Walker even created a "Vandal" character that appears across the parking garage. The Alexander boasts 16 large-scale contemporary works that were commissioned specifically for the hotel. Each has a tie to the area or tells a story about Indianapolis.

Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland

The Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland was transformed not long ago to introduce a decidedly more urban feel into the hotel’s interior spaces. Over several days, communal area walls, stairwells, and select event spaces were livened up by graffiti artist, Andrew Horner, who drew free-hand using multiple cans of spray paint. Inspired by the energy and thriving subcultures within Oregon's most popular city, Horner cleverly integrated nods to the city into his art works, including iconic bridges. Ninth-floor balcony fences were later given new life with street art created by local non-profit, Viva La Free.

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

At the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, well-known Hawaiian painter and muralist, Kai'ili Kaulukukui, was tapped to create an enormous mural that brightens up the lobby. The playful mural portrays the underwater world at Pu'u Keka'a, or Black Rock, the iconic landmark at the resort. The mural took six days to complete and takes up 310 square feet. Called Ke Ola o Pu'u Keka'a, the painting boasts bright, vibrant colors and conveys the theme of unity between man and the world just under the ocean’s surface.

Nativo Lodge

At Albuquerque’s Nativo Lodge, 25 unique artist rooms welcome guests eager to sleep in a room that is a work of art thanks to large-scale art installations that adorn the walls. Each artist guest room is specially designed by a contemporary Native American artist, and each has deep roots in tribal culture and traditions. For example, the guest room painted by artist Rose B. Simpson (shown above) was designed to be a space for those seeking blessings and guidance.

Hotel Indigo Lower East Side

The design of Hotel Indigo Lower East Side in New York City was inspired by the eclectic neighborhood. Street art that once graced subway cars and fire escapes can now be found hanging tidily in galleries. A large, colorful mural created by celebrated graffiti artist, Lee Quinones, greets guests upon entering the 14th-floor lobby. However, you may need to tilt back in your chair to take in this 40' x 16' mural named "Voices Carrying." It’s properly displayed on the ceiling.

The Troubadour

In New Orleans, make a beeline for Monkey Board, the trendy rooftop bar on the 17th floor of The Troubadour. Relax atop this delightful boutique hotel with a craft cocktail and prepare to be wowed by the vibrant street art painted by local graffiti artist Gabe Flores of New Orleans Paint + Design, which playfully features monkeys from the "Barrel of Monkeys" game. While accomplished at charcoal drawing and illustrating, Flores' passion lies in reinvigorating common spaces through large-scale art installations and colorful murals, like those found at Monkey Board.

W Miami

W Miami has taken care to integrate local street art into its overall design, most notably in The Den, a VIP enclave for celebs and guests of note that’s situated on the hotel’s 50th floor. In 2017, the hotel tapped local street artist Tiago Magro to stamp The Den with his own artistic touch. Best known for upcycling 80’s and 90’s memorabilia using spray paints, newspapers, and varnishes, the mixed media artist graffitied and lined The Den with old-school concert flyers, mostly from hip-hop acts like The Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, and Public Enemy.

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