Hotel Fake-Out Photos 5 uncovers the truth about what hotel amenities at popular resorts and hotels really look like, including resorts like the Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa and the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel.

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Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa (Fake-Out Photo) uncovers the truth about hotel photos posted on pamphlets and websites. See the fake photo, and then compare it to the real photo taken by an Oyster reporter. Let’s start with this marketing photo from the Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa. This attractive couple looks like they have plenty of room to invite a few friends to join them in the hot tub with some champagne.

Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa (Real Photo)

A real photo shows there’s really not that much room. In fact, they could barely squeeze in to the hot tub we discovered when we arrived at the hotel -- and we didn't see any champagne on hand, either.

Marigot Beach Club (Fake-Out Photo)

On the hotel's website, the Marigot Beach Club shows off an expansive, aquamarine pool -- that's in the ground, of course.

Marigot Beach Club (Real Photo)

But when Oyster visited this St. Lucia spot, they found the pool to be quite a bit smaller -- and above the ground, too. In the marketing photos, it appears that the Marigot Beach Club cropped in tight on the pool, making the pint-sized, above-ground pool look more like an Olympic-sized one.

L’Enfant Plaza Hotel (Fake-Out Photo)

What a view! Though the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel’s website shows off a room with a shockingly close view of the Washington Monument with a backdrop of beautiful blue skies.

L’Enfant Plaza Hotel (Real Photo)

This room at the hotel looks out onto a shockingly close wall. Sure, some rooms have views of the monument, but they definitely don't look like the website's photo. In fact, the iconic structure is about a half-mile away.

Country Club Lima Hotel (Fake-Out Photo)

On Expedia, the pool area at the Country Club Lima Hotel seems to have a sexy, tranquil vibe with mood lighting and a large pool.

Country Club Lima Hotel (Real Photo)

By day -- and without the art of the photo crop -- it's a bit of a different scene. Sure, it still seems like a relaxing spot, but daylight shows that you have significantly less room to splash around than the hotel website leads you to believe.

San Juan Plaza Hotel (Fake-Out Photo)

Did the San Juan Plaza Hotel's website show a photo of a different pool? We have to hand it to their marketing team and photo editors. The photo on their website not only shows a massive pool, but it does a good job of cropping out the hotel's surroundings.

San Juan Plaza Hotel (Real Photo)

In reality, guests find a small pool surrounded by the buildings of downtown Condado.

Langham Hotel Boston (Fake-Out Photo)

We love this photo fake out because it's a true testament to the power that styling a space. The Langham Hotel Boston’s marketing photo of the Contemporary Suite shows off a fully-styled suite, complete with freshly arranged fruit, a neatly-hung dress and an open game of backgammon.

Langham Hotel Boston (Real Photo)

Although we do love our board games, when Oyster visited the hotel, there wasn't a backgammon set -- or bowl of fruit, or dress -- in sight. By adding in cozy extras, the marketing team behind the Langham made their guest rooms feel incredibly lived-in and well-decorated -- not entirely the case. However, this luxury property does exceed many expectations, making it an overall choice pick for your next trip to the Hub.

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