Are These the Most Colorful Hotels in the World?

Take a trip around the globe and see some of the most brightly colored hotels out there.

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Photo By: Casapalopo

Photo By: Villa Bonita

Photo By: W Punta Mita

Photo By: W Punta Mita

Photo By: Tegliacci

Photo By: Tegliacci

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Photo By: Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Photo By: Saguaro Palm Springs

Casa Palopó, Guatemala

At Casa Palopó, you won’t even need to step outside to feel immersed in Guatemala's rich culture. Located on Lake Atitlan, this 15-bedroom boutique hotel features bright stucco walls, antique furniture and a collection of original paintings by renowned Latin American artists. The hotel, which was originally a private home, features suites that range in color palettes from soft yellows to reds to lavenders, paying homage to Guatemala’s colorful traditions. The Santa Catarina Master Suite, pictured above, has a large terrace so you can watch the sunset over the lake and volcanoes.

Villa Bonita at the Westin Playa Bonita, Panama

Villa Bonita at the Westin Playa Bonita, located just minutes from bustling downtown Panama City, features 20 guest rooms, each vibrantly decorated with original artwork and artifacts to represent a different country, so staying there feels like taking a trip around the globe. The Indian-inspired suite above features bright yellow walls, orange curtains and green furnishings to reflect the country’s vibrancy.

W Punta de Mita, Mexico

W Punta de Mita is a beachfront resort that pays homage to the bold, vivid traditions of Mexico's indigenous Huichol natives, with a color palette inspired by the Mexican Flag.

The Oceanfront Suite at W Punta De Mita

The Extreme Wow Oceanfront Oasis Suite (above), features a bright red towering art installation in the living room and a colorful mural by Mexican graffiti artist Nacho Bernal. The rainbow colors in the mural are designed to represent the intricate multi-colored beading techniques of local Huichol artwork.

Il Salviatino, Italy

Nestled among the sloping hills of Fiesole, Italy you’ll find Il Salviatino. This luxuriously restored Renaissance villa was originally built as a humble farmhouse and now has 44-individualized suites with a few colorful gems in the mix.

The Tegliacci Suite at Il Salviatino

Loaded with gorgeous color, The Tegliacci Suite (above) is decked out in emerald green and features a pastel blue bed frame and bedding. The book wall is home to hundreds of colorful covers, too.

Hilton West Palm Beach, Florida

Fans of the Beatles will want to check this one out. At Hilton West Palm Beach, Room 702 has been transformed into a groovy '70s purple paradise in honor of the 50th Anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s world-famous Bed-In for Peace. The room is available until May 31, 2019 and is packed with peaceful amenities including a yoga mat, stretching block, essential oil aromatherapy, calming teas, and a curated playlist of Beatles songs to unwind with.

The Reserve at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Bahamas

Located in Nassau, The Reserve is the resort’s exclusive luxury hotel-within-a-hotel at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and is comprised of 105 suites and 23 poolside villas.

Asian Flair at the Reserve at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

The exclusive tower at the Reserve at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is dramatically designed with Asian-inspired decor including bold red accents (to inspire good fortune), set against extravagant gold fixtures.

The Saguaro Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is known for its midcentury modern architecture and embrace of color. At the Saguaro Palm Springs, guests are welcomed by the hotel’s multi-colored facade and can retire to one of the hotel’s two-room suites where they will be greeted by cheery orange walls, lime green couches and multi-colored striped bedding. Prices start at $233 per night.

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