10 Best In-Flight Beauty Tricks

It's getting harder and harder to figure out how to travel and look great at the same time. "You can bring up to 3 oz. of liquids on board if you place them in one, 1-quart clear plastic bag," says the Transportation Security Administration's (T.S.A.) Ann Richards. "Lipsticks, not glosses, pencils, caked mascara or powders are all allowed."

Makeup artist Landy Dean, and founder of the Edris Salon, Edris Nicholls, have 10 other tips for getting off your next flight looking as if you deserve a vacation rather than need one.

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Use a Scarf

Tie your hair in a scarf to combat bad hair at the end of a long flight -- make it a Hermes to add extra glamour.

Hair Powder

Hair powder, like a dry shampoo, helps combat oily scalp or limp hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave your house with a leave-in conditioner in your hair. Wrap it in a scarf, and you'll get a deep-conditioning treatment while you earn the miles -- excellent for combating the overly dry air on board

Bring a Hairbrush

As always, carry a great hairbrush. Edriss and Landy like the junior Maison & Pearson.

Hair Shine Paper

Don't forget hair shine paper. It helps eliminate static and reduce dullness.

Cucumber Eye Pads

Cucumber eye pads. Pre-moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. These can also be refrigerated prior to travel to further refresh eyes during flight.

Makeup Remover Cloths

Pre-moistened makeup remover cloths remove makeup or just clean the skin mid- or post-travel. Neutrogena or Mac brands are good. (Note: These pre-moistened towelettes must be placed in your one-quart bag of liquids.)

Makeup Corrector Stick

Makeup corrector sticks help correct little smudges, blotches or "I-can't sleep-because-I'm-stuck-in-the-center-aisle" circles under the eyes.

Cake Mascara

Cake mascara is a great alternative when liquids are not allowed. This is the classic Hollywood way to darken and define the eyelashes. It comes in a pressed, cake form and can be mixed with water then applied with a firm brush. They recommend curling the lashes first -- Paula Dorf or Longcils Boncza brands are favorites.

Solid Cocoa Butter

Solid cocoa butter and cotton gloves for a hand treatment (also place in one quart travel bag).

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