Shore Thing: 8 Handy Beach Hacks

Don't let a sunburn or lost condo keys ruin your day at the beach. These simple hacks will help you have more fun in the sun. 

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Put a Cork in It

Leave your key ring at home and take just your house, condo or car key to the shore. Tip: Screw an eyehook into an old wine cork and attach the crucial key to it. If you accidentally take it into the surf, you’ll have a buoy and a good story instead of a locksmith referral.

The Right Fit

Traditional beach blankets have a habit of mutating into mainsails during an onshore gust. Instead, take an old bed sheet (fitted is best) and fill the corners with sand to keep it on the ground where it belongs. If the local municipality permits, further stabilize your foundation with an iced bucket of beer or bubbly.

Sound the UV Alarm

It’s easy to lose track of time at the beach, but you need to stay alert to avoid getting sunburn. Set the timer on your phone or, for a more stylish setup, score a cute alarm clock at the thrift store (or a modern knock-off) and set it for a wake-up call. Your dermatologist will thank you. 


Make your own frosted treats for the kids by tossing a few reusable juice pouches or store-bought juice boxes into the freezer the night before your beach trip. Mom can add a dash of rum to hers (just make sure to clearly mark the adult version). 

Powder Up

If you hate having sand stick to your skin, try this trick to remove it. Dust baby powder over the sandy area, then easily shake or brush off the sand. The powder draws out moisture, making it a must for your beach bag. 

Wrap It Up

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in the toilet, you know that tech and water don’t mix. Now imagine that toilet is the Pacific Ocean. Protect your expensive phone or tablet by putting it in a 10-cent zip-top bag. It’ll also keep sand out of your charging port. 

A Spot of Tea

If you forgot the sunscreen and wound up scorched, Earl Grey can help. Black tea contains tannic acid, which is one of the most effective ways to treat sunburn. Brew a few cups of strong tea, let cool and apply with cotton balls, or just apply the teabag directly to the affected area. 

Float On

Upcycle your old pool toys for your day at the beach. Fill a floatie with water, toss it in the freezer overnight and you’ve got an ice-cold drink insulator. When you’ve finished your drink, revert your drink insulator back to its original use as a floatie. 

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