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Aaron Goodwin (co-host of Ghost Adventures) learns how to capture the perfect shot from some of the best professional photographers.
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Aaron Goodwin captured this shot of a skateboarder in a massive drainage ditch in Henderson, NV. Aaron shot with a Canon EOS 7D.
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When shooting in a tunnel, change your setting to AV (Aperture Priority), which allows you to change your F-Stop that controls your shutter speed. Your shutter speed will slow down as it gets darker.

In this image, Aaron used a remote trigger with his iPhone to position the camera away from him and out of reach in order to get the perfect shot.

When you're shooting your subject, focus on the shadow and not the person. Here, Aaron took shots from different angles to enhance the overall quality of the photo.

Spinning on a chair creates the perfect selfie with a motion blur background.

Aaron shoots a reflecting selfie off the side of an Airstream RV in Las Vegas.

Aaron captures a low shot of the cactus and the sun setting over the Red Rock Canyon.

Using a Sony Alpha NEX-7, Aaron captures a beautiful shot of the sun setting behind the Red Rock Canyon Mountains in Nevada. Originally a full-size photo, this shot was cropped into a panoramic.

Aaron shoots with a Sony DSC-RX100 to capture a high shot of a classic but extremely delicious shot of a BLT sandwich at Hash House a Go Go.

Using natural light and different angels, Aaron captures a tasty shot of Hash House A Go Go’s Chicken and Waffles. Be creative when you shoot (i.e. from the side, at an angle). The shot doesn’t always have to be head-on.

Adding color to a muted photo -- in this case, a colorful drink -- accentuates the photo.

Using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Aaron takes the perfect shot of Lou Ruvo. When taking architectural shots, take advantage of the sun setting to capture a cool sun flare on the building. Aaron chooses to focus on the various lines on the outside of the building, rather than the entire building.

A vertical shot of Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, designed by Frank Gehry. While shooting, Aaron used a series of settings. In post/edit mode, the 3 shots were merged together to create the perfect shot, as pictured here.

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