Top 10 Travel-Inspired Baby Names

Naming babies after the world's most beautiful places has been around for centuries and isn't going anywhere soon. Pamela Redmond Satran, co-creator of name resource Nameberry, shares the 10 most popular baby names inspired by stunning global spots.

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ORIGIN: Devon is an English place-name, inspired by the picturesque county in southwest England.
USAGE: Although used for both boys and girls, this name is still more frequently used for boys.
RANK: #623 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Devan, Devin, Davon, Deven
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Devon Aoki (American actress and model), Devon Sawa (Canadian actor)


ORIGIN: The name Florence has Latin origin, meaning "flourishing, prosperous." The association to the capital city in Tuscany, Italy is bringing the name back into the ranks.
USAGE: Commonly used as a girl's name.
RANK: #980 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Flora, Florella, Florentina
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Florence Welch (English singer of Florence and the Machine), Florence Nightingale (English pioneering nurse), Florence Henderson (American actress and singer), Florence Knight (English celebrity chef)


ORIGIN: The name Holland is of Dutch origin, meaning "wooded land." The name is evocative of Rembrandt portraits and fields of tulips.
USAGE: Although used for both boys and girls, this name is still more frequently used for girls. It's commonly seen as a first or middle name.
RANK: #953 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Holland Taylor (American actress)


ORIGIN: This exotic place-name originates from the Indus River, one of the longest rivers in Asia. 
USAGE: Most often used for girls.
RANK: #890 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Indea, Indya, Indiah, Indiya, Indeah
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: India Wilkes (character from Gone With the Wind), India Arie Simpson (American singer known as India.Arie)


ORIGIN: Geneva is of French origin, meaning "juniper tree." It's also the name of the city in Switzerland.
USAGE: Most often used for girls.
RANK: Not ranked.
VARIATIONS: Genevia, Genevre, Gena, Geneieve
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Geneva Pine (character from The Good Wife), Geneva Mitchell (American actress), Geneva Mercer (American painter)


ORIGIN: Kingston is an English name, meaning "king's town." The name hit the popularity list 12 years ago when Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston Rossdale, was born.
USAGE: Most often used for boys.
RANK: #134 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Kingsley, King, Kinley
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale), Kingston (capital of Jamaica)


ORIGIN: London is of English origin and known as the capital of the United Kingdom. You'll see this name most often used in the U.S.
USAGE: In the U.S., London is popular for both boys and girls.
RANK: #151 (girl) and #819 (boy) on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Londyn, Londynn, Londen
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: London Tipton (Disney Channel character), London Levi Fletcher (American NFL player), Jack London (American novelist)


ORIGIN: Meaning "enduring and beautiful," this gender-neutral name pays homage to both Ancient Egypt and Southern blues.
USAGE: Although Memphis is used for both boys and girls, it's much more common for boys.
RANK: #575 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Memphis (Ancient Egyptian city), Memphis Depay (Dutch footballer), Memphis Bleek (American rapper AKA Malik Cox)


ORIGIN: The name Savannah, meaning “flat tropical grassland,” has been on popularity lists since the 1880s. And since 1993, it has been in the Top 100.
USAGE: Most often used for girls.
RANK: #38 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Savanna, Savana, Sevanna, Savanah
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Savannah Miller (American designer), Savannah Guthrie (American journalist), Savannah Chrisley (reality TV personality), Savannah (city in Georgia), Savannah Smiles (Girl Scout cookie)


ORIGIN: Vienna is considered one of the more popular of the European place-names and conjures up visions of castles and cafes. Interestingly enough, the name dates back to the 15th century!
USAGE: Most often used for girls.
RANK: #899 on 2017's Most Popular Names in the U.S.
VARIATIONS: Vienne, Viennia
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Vienna (capital of Austria), Vienna Teng (American singer-songwriter), "Vienna" (song by Billy Joel)

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