Do These 10 American Cities Have the Prettiest People?

According to 'RealSelf' magazine, 10 cities have the most plastic surgeons per capita. These most-improved-upon cities may surprise you.

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Pretty By City

RealSelf magazine has released its list of the U.S. cities with the most plastic surgeons per capita. Read on to see which cities are going under the knife or the needle most often, and the procedures that are proving most popular across the country.

10: Cleveland

Known for more than just A Christmas Story and the West Side Market, Cleveland is also number 10 on RealSelf magazine's list of American cities with the most plastic surgeons per capita.

9: Nashville

The number of music and film industry celebs who call this Tennessee city home may explain why it ranks number 9 on RealSelf's list of the American cities with the most plastic surgeons per capita.

8: San Diego

Maybe it's all that beach time? In San Diego the top most popular procedures are breast augmentation/lift; fillers; and non-surgical fat reduction.

7: San Francisco

California ranks high across the nation for cities with the most plastic surgeons. In San Francisco breast augementation is the most popular procedure followed by non-surgical fat reduction and fillers.

6: San Jose

San Jose, California is number six on the pretty meter, according to RealSelf magazine.

5: Salt Lake City

Lots of pretty places—and according to RealSelf magazine—pretty people in Salt Lake City.

4: Austin

Though perhaps more known for its hip film and music scene and "keep Austin weird" mantra, Austin is also number 4 on the RealSelf list of American cities with the most plastic surgeons per capita. Breast augmentation/lift, non-surgical fat reduction and tummy tucks are the most popular procedures.

3: New Orleans

This historic city that really knows how to party is also number 3 on RealSelf's list of the most popular cities for plastic surgery. The most common plastic surgery procedures in New Orleans are breast augmentation/lift, tummy tuck and non-surgical fat reduction.

2: Los Angeles

Not surprising, the City of Los Angeles, with its reputation for glamour, perfection and movie star beauty is number 2 on RealSelf's top 10 list of the cities with the most plastic surgeons per capita. The top procedures in Los Angeles according to RealSelf, are breast augmentation/lift, fillers and rhinoplasty.

1: Miami

A party town with beautiful beaches and incredible restaurants, Miami is also home to the most plastic surgeons according to RealSelf magazine. As you might expect from a city where the population spends a great deal of time on the beach and in figure-revealing hot weather clothes, breast augmentation/lift, butt enhancement and tummy tucks are the top 3 most popular procedures in Miami.

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