Amazing Eats: Fried Feasts

Adam Richman shows us that you can deep-fry just about anything and the results are always delicious.
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Did You Know? Fried food is so delicious partly because of 2 flavorsome reactions that occur on the surface of the food: carmelization and maillard reactions. In carmelization, heat converts any sugars on the surface of the food to a deep delicious brown caramel and in maillard reactions, heat causes hundreds of different flavor compounds to form, making a truly mouthwatering mouthful.

Dish 1: Pan-Fried Chicken
Where: Stroud’s, 5410 Northeast Oak Ridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64119

Did You Know? Donuts are said to have originated in 19th century Holland. Back then, they were sweet dough balls fried in pork fat called "oily cakes". Legend has it the modern doughnut was created in 1847 by a Maine sea captain who poked a hole in the middle to ensure even cooking and minimal grease.

Dish 2: Donuts
Where: Round Rock Donuts, 106 W Liberty, Round Rock, TX 78664

Did You Know? Deep-frying cooks food faster than baking because oil conducts heat much better than the air in a convection oven. When done properly, frying steams food from the inside out, confining the oil to just the outer surface, producing a soft and moist inside with a crunchy outer shell.

Dish 3: Salty Dog
Where: Old Salty Dog, 1601 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236

Did You Know? Deep-frying dates back to ancient Rome. The Roman cookbook Apicius was said to have a deep-fried chicken recipe.

Dish 4: Chuleta Can Can
Where: Raices, Recinto Sur St #315, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico

Did You Know? In 1841, the first state fair was held in Syracuse, NY. Since then, these annual events have evolved from simple competitive exhibitions of livestock and baked goods to full-out festivals of family fun and golden fried wonders.

Dish 5: Fried Catfish
Where: California State Fair, 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815

Dish 6: Deep-fried Cheesecake
Where: California State Fair

Dish 7: Deep-fried Giant Twinkie
Where: California State Fair

Dish 8: Twister Dog
Where: Tornado Potato at the California State Fair

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