Learn about our investigators, Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, as they interview eyewitnesses and historians at each haunted location, arming themselves with the stories of the ghosts they will later provoke and confront during their dusk-to-dawn lockdowns.

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans is the host, lead investigator and an executive producer of Travel Channel’s popular series “Ghost Adventures.” With his paranormal investigation team, Bagans travels to domestic and international locations rumored to be haunted in search of evidence proving the existence of the supernatural.

After graduating from film school in Michigan, Bagans moved to Nevada to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. There, he met fellow “Ghost Adventures” investigator Aaron Goodwin. Their first paranormal investigations as a team took place all over Nevada, and the footage led to an award-winning, nationally-televised documentary, Ghost Adventures. Their concept was picked up by Travel Channel and commissioned as a series. Bagans has also served as host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks,” "Netherworld” and “Deadly Possessions,” as well as an executive producer for Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi” and “Paranormal Challenge.” In 2004, Bagans founded the world's largest paranormal organization, The Ghost Adventures Crew, which consists of over 10,000 members.

Along with his television credits, Bagans has directed, produced and starred in the documentary The Demon House, where he investigates one of the most well-documented cases of demonic possession in America. The film had a theatrical release and hit #1 on iTunes’ documentary and horror charts. He has also served as an executive producer on the feature film, Sympathy, Said the Shark

In 2017 Bagans opened The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, an award-winning attraction. (Las Vegas Mayor’s Urban Design Award). The Museum contains over 30 themed rooms and exhibits inside a 12,000-square-foot historic mansion and has been touted as “a truly amazing attraction” by Las Vegas Weekly. The museum attracts more than 7,000 visitors per month.

In 2012, Bagans joined efforts with Lords of Acid’s Praga Khan on an 11-track album titled NecroFusion (reached #1 on iTunes) that incorporates audio captured from Bagans’ own paranormal investigations.  Additionally, he’s penned two books with Kelly Crigger: I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead (Victory Belt, 2015) and Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew (Victory Belt, 2011), which debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list at #18.

Bagans currently resides in Las Vegas, Nev.

Aaron Goodwin

Referred to by many as a teddy bear, or Zak's bait of choice, Aaron actually hates to be left alone in attics (or just about anywhere). You can also expect to hear him say "dude!" about 20 times per episode.

Always armed with a camera, Aaron travels around the world with the team to record what they experience in each haunted location.

An Oregon native, Aaron moved to Las Vegas where he fell in love with film and taught himself how to edit video and operate a camera. Aaron gained experience by working as a cameraman on numerous TV shows. He's worked on projects ranging from red-carpet movie premieres to sporting events.

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Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures

Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures

Billy Tolley

Having a solid background in audio editing and production software, Tolley was first intrigued by the paranormal after learning about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). With several years of experience in music and audio production, his curiosity led him to investigate and capture EVP’s for himself. 

Tolley’s fascination with the paranormal field grew stronger, and in 2006, he founded a paranormal group with some friends – the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad (LV PIMPS). He started sharing details of his audio captures with Zak Bagans joined the Ghost adventures series as one of the paranormal investigation team’s audio/visual technicians and EVP analyst. 

Jay Wasley from Ghost Adventures

Jay Wasley from Ghost Adventures

Jay Wasley

Jay Wasley started his filmmaking career in Philadelphia, Pa. as a director of photography and audio engineer. Since 2002, he has worked on dozens of feature films, documentaries, television shows, national commercials and music videos. Wasley’s filmography includes “Amy,” “Atitlan in Bloom,” “Changing the Game,” “Men's Affair,” “Standing Ovation,” “Take Me Home,” “The Demon House,” “The Quiet Ones” and “Through the Glass.” Television-show credits include BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” Lifetime’s “Big Women: Big Love,” MTV’s “Punk’D” and “CKY: The Greatest Hits,” TLC’s “Wreck Chasers” and VH1’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show.” He’s worked on commercials for corporations from Wendy's to AOL, and on music videos for such artists as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Lisa Loeb, Margot Price, and Dan Auerbach.

Through his work, Wasley has travelled all over the world to countries including Algeria, Belgium, Canada, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain. Domestically, he’s traveled to all but two states in America.

Wasley joined Travel Channel’s popular series “Ghost Adventures” in season four as the paranormal investigation team’s sound mixer, and has since evolved into one of the show’s audio/visual technicians and cinematographers. Throughout the series, Wasley travels with the team to domestic and international locations rumored to be haunted in search of evidence proving the existence of the supernatural. He has also worked behind the cameras on Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge,” “Netherworld” and “Game On, America.”

Wasley has spoken about independent filmmaking at various conferences and given lectures on the same topic to local New Jersey schools. He plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass drums, percussion and piano. He’s recorded, and been on some tours, with bands including The Wooden Owls, Bodhi Groove, Colors of Sound and Total Breakdown. 

Wasley currently resides in Nashville, Tenn.