Gold Miners; Prospectors; Treasure Hunters

Brothers Josh and Jesse Feldman are Arizona cowboys, gold miners, prospectors and treasure hunters. Aside from blood, these commonalities have kept them together and bonded them as brothers. The Feldman brothers have searched the mountains of the American West for lost gold mines and buried treasures their entire lives.

In Travel Channel’s new series “Lost Gold,” Josh and Jesse seek out America's most fabled missing treasures. With reverence for the past and a taste for adventure, the brothers track legends and clues across the vast American Frontier in search of unfound riches. To unravel these more than 100-year-old mysteries, Josh and Jesse put themselves in the shoes of the people of the era: they search for old maps, diaries and records, as well as connect with locals who have intimate knowledge of the area.

Josh and Jesse’s adventures have also taken them to the remote regions of Greenland, where their small mining company discovered an extensive ruby deposit. “Ice Cold Gold,” a reality show on Animal Planet, filmed their exploits and followed the discovery for three years. The Feldman brothers' passion for exploring and putting together the fragments of history comes from their desire to keep the past alive and to inform the public about the land beneath their feet.

In addition to owning and operating a horse ranch and serving as wilderness guides in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, the duo also owns and operates gold mines.