Kellee Edwards, long known as Kellee Set Go! is an travel and adventure expert who explores by land, air and sea. Edwards uses her experience as a licensed pilot, advanced open water scuba diver and intrepid explorer to see the world from different heights, literally. Being a pilot only ups the adventure quota, allowing Edwards to fly to the remote locations, landing without the benefit of a runway or air traffic tower.

Edwards’ extensive travels have taken her a long way from where she spent her early childhood – on Chicago’s South Side – and where she was raised in San Bernardino, CA. Her love of travel and outdoor adventure has propelled her to explore more than 50 countries. Her exploits include summiting Mt. Hood in Oregon, dog sledding in the remote wilderness of Alaska, trekking the active volcano Mt. Pacaya in Guatemala, piloting an aircraft in the temperamental Aleutian Chain, freediving with the Jeju Haenyeo, participating in Rambu Solo in Sulawesi, unearthing an artifact on an archaeological dig and exploring Mayan ruins in Central America. She even had a life-changing close call on a shipwreck dive in the Red Sea near Eilat, Israel. An advocate for women in adventure travel, diversity in travel and travel and safety, Edwards is often a keynote speaker on these topics around the country.

The Trip 2017

The Trip 2017

Travel Channel Production: The Trip 2018. St. Lucia Island. Host by Jack Maxwell and Kellee Edwards. Photo by: Tito Herrera for Travel Channel.

Photo by: Tito Herrera

Tito Herrera

Edwards holds a BA in Communications from California State University Fullerton with an emphasis in journalism. In addition she has worked on-air as a travel and adventure expert for FOX 5 San Diego, Hallmark Channel and as a contributing editor and writer for Pilot Getaways Magazine.

Edwards currently resides in Los Angeles and can often be found enjoying her favorite pastimes -- hiking or flying around in a Cessna 172 in search of her next adventure.

Fly High, Adventure On.