Meet Kinga Philipps

Kinga, a journalist and adventurer, explores national parks beyond the trails.

Host, Adventurer and Travel Expert

Meet Kinga Philipps, an experienced host, producer and journalist. As an avid adventure traveler, Kinga goes the extra mile to explore national parks through fun activities beyond the carefully marked and manicured trails. Watch her go kite-surfing, Jet Skiing and more while surrounded by the majestic, natural beauty of America’s great outdoors in the Travel Channel series The Wild Side with Kinga Philipps. She explores the underbellies of beautiful, postcard-worthy destinations such as Malibu, CA, and Aspen, CO, in her Real web series, giving you the local’s perspective on these popular tourist towns.

You may recognize Kinga from her work as a guest commentator on Travel Channel’s Park Secrets and VH1’s 100 Greatest. She is perhaps best known as the host of the hit Syfy series Legend Quest and National Geographic's America's Lost Treasures.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Kinga moved to Oklahoma with her family when she was 5 years old. Shortly after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in broadcast journalism, she moved to LA, where she appeared in dozens of television shows and movies. Some of her work as a journalist for Current TV included investigating police corruption, training with wrestlers in Mexico City and attending the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina.

Kinga’s versatility is rooted in her laid-back, everyday, regular-gal personality. She explored her foodie persona as the host of Feedback on Food Network, where she scoured the country for weird eats and food tips. She's also excelled in the sports and gaming world, hosting for Fox Sports and DirecTV and covering the annual E3 gaming convention.

Kinga lives in Malibu, and when she has time to relax or sit, she enjoys writing children’s books and blogging for multiple websites.

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