3 Hat Tricks That Are Lifesavers

Finally pack a hat without crushing it.

We've all been there. You pack a new hat for the beach. Get to the beach. And open your suitcase to find a crunched, wrinkled mess. RIP, hat. 

There is a way to pack your hat without killing it: Pack around it. Start at the bottom of your suitcase. The hat should be the first thing to go in. Stuff it with things like balls of socks or scarves. Once the hat is full, pack around it with other items. You're protecting it and taking extra weight off. 

Already have a wrinkled hat? You can steam the wrinkles out. Yes, really. (This doesn't work for cheap, synthetic fabrics. Just another reason to invest in the real deal.)

Watch these hacks in action plus see how to reuse a beanie for a tech sleeve.

3 Packing Hat Tricks 00:31

Try these packing hacks to keep your hats safe while traveling.

Mind. Blown. 

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