30 Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Never stress about flying again.

Whether for business or pleasure, flying can be stressful. Making your flight on time, hoping you remembered to pack everything, changing time zones, long layovers, crowded airports and long security lines can all induce stress. Take note of these expert tips and you’ll step off the plane feeling relaxed and ready for whatever awaits you at your final destination.

Businesswoman relaxing on airplane

Businesswoman relaxing on airplane

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Before You Go

Save time by skipping lines. Sign up for TSA PreCheck and go through the lines where shoes stay on and laptops remain packed. Fast Track Global Entry makes sense for jetsetters with disposable income who don’t want to stand in the customs line. Both require advance paperwork and fees.

Pack smart. Don’t check bags unless you’re going on a month-long adventure. There's no need to create another reason to wait in line.

Take advantage of airport apps. Filo connects you to airport WiFi and helps locate amenities like power outlets, play areas for kids and connecting gates. If you’re delayed or have some extra terminal time, FlySmart has reviews of terminal restaurants and shops by fellow travelers. The directionally challenged will love iFly, which uses GPS to help you reach that connecting gate without walking the wrong way.

Natural lip balm and skin salve made with organic oils and butters in black tin

Natural lip balm and skin salve made with organic oils and butters in black tin

Photo by: bluehill75



If you’re sitting on a plane for several hours, you might as well use the time to pamper yourself. Use a headscarf to keep hair in place and avoid bed head from napping. Pack some cocoa butter in your one-quart bag of liquids plus cotton hand gloves for a refreshing hand treatment. Give yourself an in-flight spa session with cucumber eye pads. Pre-moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. You may get a few strange looks from people walking the aisle, but you won’t even notice (or care) because you’ll be relaxed to the max.

Yes, it is possible to get some shut eye on a plane. If you suffer from anxiety or have trouble sleeping on planes, consider getting a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets simulate the effect of a reassuring hug, which increases serotonin, producing a calming, sleepy feeling. Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers a refreshingly low-tech solution.

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