5 Moments from Josh Gates' Greatest 'Expedition Unknown' Treasure Hunts

Adventure is key, but a pot of gold is nice, too.

Josh Gates is all about the hunt. Though it would be nifty to find fame and fortune at the end of his Expedition Unknown journeys, to be sure, it’s pretty obvious that he’s in it for the adventuring he gets to do along the way (and possibly the weird food). Here are a few of the stranger things he’s encountered as he’s trailed some of the world’s most valuable treasures, as seen on the Expedition Unknown "Greatest Treasure Hunts" special with extended scenes and new footage airing tonight at 9|8c.

Josh’s Camera Operator Goes Rogue for Treasure (Finding Fenn’s Fortune)

The millionaire Forrest Fenn stashed gold and jewels somewhere in the American Rockies in order to encourage people to explore them. Whoever manages to follow the clues in Fenn’s cryptic poem and find his hidden hoard will walk away with more than $1 million. In the meantime, Brian, Josh’s director of photography on Expedition Unknown, walks away from his camera to do a bit of his own hunting. “I...just thought it could be here,” Brian says. (See the full episode here.) 

Josh Unearths Blackbeard’s Beer Can (Blackbeard’s Hidden Gold)

Blackbeard’s pirated gold—which has been valued at up to $100 million—could be stashed almost anywhere in the Caribbean, but many believe it’s on or near Ocracoke Island in North Carolina. When Josh and the crew head for Springer’s Point Preserve to see if they can dig it up, sure enough, new information comes to light! (As Josh points out, maybe it isn’t so bad he didn’t find the treasure: “If I had struck it rich, you’d be looking at an empty chair right now.”) (See the full episode here.)

The Going Gets Dirty in the Sudwala Caves (Africa’s Gold Hoard)

The Sudwala Caves might be where the 19th-century South African President “Paul” Kruger hid up to $500 million en route to Mozambique at the end of the Boer War. Well, they are certainly the source of why Josh’s dry cleaning bill goes through the roof. This is what happens when you were promised the going would get dirty. (See the full episode here.)

Killer Hiking in the Andes (City of Gold)

The Incas’ lost city of Paititi (which could be worth up to $5 billion) won’t be rediscovered in the Andes by anyone who hasn’t been doing their cross-training. Because the air is so thin, a run-of-the-mill trek can feel like a marathon. Or, you know, imminent death. (See clips from the episode here.)

Josh Flees “Power-of-God $%&#” on a Haunted Mountain (Temple of Doom)

The Khmer god-King Jayavarman VII’s priceless relic has been missing from Cambodia for almost 900 years. His spirit, on the other hand, has continued its fearsome residency and terrorizes anyone who dares to visit Phnom Kulen. Just ask the locals (or Josh, after a wicked lightning storm chases him off). (See clips from the episode here.)  

Tune in at 9|8c tonight for the premiere of the Expedition Unknown "Greatest Treasure Hunts" special—and cross your fingers for Josh on his next adventure. 

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