15 Fisheye Lens Photos From Travel Channel Fans

Fun, extreme wide angles.

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Whether you're using a real camera or clip-on phone lens or even an app, fisheye is such a fun way to see the world. The extra wide lens lets you take in so much more than what's in your peripheral vision. You can shoot sky and earth, cliffs and valleys and city towers from top to bottom. Here are some of our favorite fisheye Instagrams from Travel Channel fans this year.

If you're inspired, try the effect this weekend on your travels and tag your photos #LiveTravelChannel.

Rome, Italy

San Diego, California

Moledo, Portugal

Aranjuez, Spain

Rotorua, New Zealand

Petra, Jordan

Berlin, Germany

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ivrea, Italy

Stuttgart, Germany

Srinagar, India

Versailles, France

Glasgow, Scotland

Long Island, New York

Milan, Italy