7 Reasons Cheese Is The Greatest Love of All

A Valentine's Day ode to our first and true love.

Valentine’s Day is nigh! Schoolchildren will soon exchange bulk-purchased cards while trying to avoid each other’s cooties. White-tablecloth restaurants with Chez in their names will overcharge for one-night-only prix-fixe menus. Uncoupled folks all over will curse advertisers for flogging a holiday that manages to make both single and paired people feel like they don’t measure up. At times like these, it’s worth remembering that, as fans of Travel Channel's Food Paradise and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon know, happiness takes many, sometimes gooey forms.

The relationships we have with one another can go wrong in so many ways. Here’s to the pure and uncomplicated joy of...cheese. 

 Cheese is Honest

Cheese would never use a picture of its hot cousin as a profile on dating sites. Cheese brags about how old it is. (Behold the Burning Mac, an aged-cheddar grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with homemade mac and cheese, from Burro Cheese Kitchen in Austin, TX.)

 Cheese is Secure

It doesn’t need to be your one and only. Need variety to keep things interesting? Cheese is confident enough to deal with competition. (This buffalo mac and cheese from Jacob's Pickles in New York City is packed with chunks of buttermilk fried chicken and six different types of cheese.)

 Cheese is Humble

You don’t have to fly cheese to Paris for dinner at that one restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Cheese will meet you at a local food stand. (Meet beer-battered, pretzel-coated, deep-fried cheese curds, courtesy of the Wisconsin State Fair.)

 Cheese is Vulnerable

Draw cheese like one of your French dinners. (Your heart can go on with Brie-Licious at The Big Cheezy in Louisiana.)

 Cheese is Adventurous

Cheese isn’t afraid to get freaky. Go on, try something new with cheese. (This beauty is the Spinach and Artichoke Mac from Elbows, in southern California.)

 Cheese Appreciates a Good Party

Cheese turns pizza into a special occasion—okay, an extra-special occasion. Pizza is already pretty boss. (Emmy Squared in Brooklyn, we salute you and your flawless burrata-topped margherita.)

 Cheese is There for You

The greatest love of all (go on, give me your best Whitney Houston) is happening with cheese.

To cheesy Valentines! Long may they age.

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