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Crumbling Earth

A monstrous mudslide destroys an entire neighborhood. A massive volcanic eruption shocks residents of a Filipino island. An earthquake sends a nation reeling. A family finds themselves victims of a violent hailstorm.

Bizarre Foods

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Andrew Zimmern is on a quest to find the world's most unique tastes on Bizarre Foods. As a chef and foodie, Andrew knows that one man's poison is another man's delicacy, but he isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the local fare or himself.

Minneapolis, MN

Episode | From: Man v. Food
Casey Webb travels to Minnesota's largest city, where he tries a legendary burger that's become a regional icon, noshes on a gigantic brunch meal served with its own food Ferris wheel and takes on a massive four-pound banh mi behemoth.

First Female Aviator, Mysterious Metronome, Army of Two

Don Wildman examines a plane, Beethoven's metronome, and a musical instrument.

Code to Gold

Episode | From: Expedition Unknown
Josh scours the Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thomas Beale treasure, which would be worth millions today. Since encrypted codes are hiding its whereabouts, Josh takes a detour to Philadelphia to uncover missing pieces of the puzzle.

Operation Migration, Sausage Duel and Around the World

Don Wildman explores a rare food fight, a race around the globe, a bird uniform.

Deciphering the Last Nazi Code

Episode | From: Expedition Unknown
Josh Gates ventures into the heart of the former Third Reich in search of an elusive Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Hitler's private secretary and embedded into a piece of sheet music.

Forgotten Lindbergh, Fordlandia, Forest Owlet Fraud

Don examines a life-saving device, a failed auto idea, and a bird scandal.

Secret Slaughter

Episode | From: Ghost Loop
A couple calls on the Spirit Hunters to investigate an aggressive ghost that's terrorizing their three-year-old son in Auburn, Washington. They're worried the activity will escalate and hurt their three young children if the vengeful spirit isn't stopped.

Corsica's Nazi Treasure

Episode | From: Expedition Unknown
Josh hunts for the hidden treasure of Nazi general Erwin Rommel.