Fandemonium: Country Superfans Stampede Pictures

Adam heads to Manhattan, KS, to take part in one of the largest parties in the Midwest -- the Country Stampede music festival.
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Adam tries out the Country Stampede music festival superfan's right of passage -- the mechanical bull. After falling a couple of times, he manages to stay on for a respectable 30 seconds.

At Vendor Row, the selection of exotic jerky is astounding. Adam finally settles on ostrich jerky, a maple duck jerky stick, and of course, gator jerky … served by people dressed like alligators.

Among the foods you’ll find on the grill at Country Stampede: deer sausage.

Adam gets caught in a stampede of superfans.

Country Stampede is one of the biggest country music festivals in America.

Adam interrupts a beer pong game in order to try some of the food available at this tailgate party.

A couple of guys chug beer out of plastic flamingos.

Wanting to get a true taste of the festival, Adam heads over to Tim and Colleen's tailgate featuring deer meat, ranging from deer ring sausage, deer jerky, deer ham and deer summer sausage.

Adam talks with a few fans about their favorite tailgate food.

Adam visits a tailgate with a portable stereo made out of a cooler. Powered by a lawn mower battery and car speakers, this is do-it-yourself redneck engineering at it's finest.

Adam stops by a rather unique wedding party. In true Stampede fashion, the bride, Cassie, is decked out in a homemade jean garter belt.

Adam poses with the Country Stampede’s main dish, and he tastes everything from the rooter to the tooter -- including the ear, foot, tail and nose.

Adam gathers the Country Stampede superfans around so he can thank them for their hospitality with his own tailgate food creation.

Held each year in Tuttle Creek Lake State Park, the Country Stampede music festival can see upwards of 170,000 attendees over the 4 days of festivities.

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