Fandemonium: Redneck Yacht Club Pictures

Adam Richman heads to the Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, FL, to experience how fans of an off-road motorsport called mudding celebrate their passion.
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Adam Richman meets a grill master and his family at the Redneck Yacht Club’s Vendor Row in Punta Gorda, FL.

The barbecue at the Redneck Yacht Club can’t be beat.

Adam gets in a 4-wheeler to see first-hand what “mudding” is all about.

At the mud pit, some of the event's most mind-blowing trucks and mud-buggies can be found.

The Redneck Yacht Club is a year-round destination for fans of playing in the mud. But the biggest event by far is “Trucks Gone Wild,” with 40,000 fanatics coming out to celebrate.

The raucous party surrounding this event goes on for days, filled with delicious food, generous amounts of drink and super-fans finding delightfully filthy ways to pass the time.

Giant, tricked-out 4x4s jump off ramps and over cars -- anything to push their vehicles to the limit.

Adam witnesses fans taking part in the Redneck Yacht Club traditions of mud wrestling and belly flopping.

A passionate group called the Sota Boyz' have a number of flashy trucks, with an incredible tailgate to match. After taking a bite of some of the Sota Boyz' apple cider spice-rubbed hog, Adam hops aboard their truck.

Adam takes a Jell-O shot with a mudding fan.

Adam gathers the fans that have shared so much with him and prepares to announce how he plans on returning the favor.

Adam keeps it classy at the Redneck Yacht Club.

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