18 Sneak Peek Photos of Travel Channel's New Show 'Alien Highway'

Get a first look at the cast, locations and investigations featured in Travel Channel's latest series, Alien Highway.

June 11, 2019

Meet the Team

Chuck Zukowksi (right) is a former Colorado law enforcement officer who has been researching and investigating UFO-related incidents for over 30 years. Together with his son Daniel (left) and investigator Heather Taddy, Chuck goes searching for definitive proof of UFOs along America’s well-known Extraterrestrial Highway.

Legend of the Skinwalker

In the season premiere, Chuck and the team investigate a creature sighting outside Skinwalker Ranch — a well-known hotbed for paranormal activity. In this photo, the team meets with a man who claims to have seen a Skinwalker.

Alien Country

The team eventually heads to New Mexico — home of Roswell aka Alien Country. In this photo, Chuck and Heather take in some golden hour views from the highway.

Public Service Announcement

A Very Important Sign on the highway outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Hands off the cows, aliens!

Looking for a Sign

After getting word that an alien escaped from Area 51, the team heads to Tonopah, Nevada for an investigation into whether that alien is still on the loose. Here, Heather uses a telescope to examine the night sky.

Starry Skies

Due to its elevation, clear skies and the lack of light pollution, Tonopah, NV is a great place to stargaze. The naked eye can see 7,000 stars — and perhaps a UFO?

Piedmont, Missouri

In 1973, a large number of Piedmont residents claimed to have witnessed a UFO. An article from that time mentions that the police chief received more than 1,000 reports.

History Repeats

Chuck, Heather and Dan gather at Clearwater Lake in Missouri — roughly six miles from Piedmont — to investigate a recent rash of UFO sightings.

Elephant Rock

Chuck and Heather at Elephant Rocks State Park in Missouri. The park is named for its giant, granite boulders — some of which are shaped like elephants.

Washington University

A behind-the-scenes shot of Chuck meeting with Professor Calvin Lai at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Alien Stalkers

Chuck and the team meet with a Missouri man who claims UFOs are stalking him. Their investigation reveals a dark secret that could explain the UFO activity — but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is!

Highway AH

Missouri has several highways with single and double letter names. But for our purposes, AH stands for Alien Highway 😎.

SoCal Suspicions

The team switches things up a bit and heads to Southern California. After an ongoing flap of UFO sightings off the coast, Chuck and co investigate the connection between UFOs and the military. Here, they interview an ex-Air force member.

Gone to Colorado

Mysterious animal deaths and UFO sightings bring the team to Colorado. Chuck, Heather and Daniel interview witnesses who feel that authorities are ignoring their reports of UFO activity.

Rocky Mountain Skies

The crew points out lights in the sky in Weston, Colorado.

On to Arizona

After a recent UFO sighting in Phoenix, Chuck, Heather and Daniel make their way to Arizona to speak with a witness.

Valley Views

Taking a break from the investigation, Daniel soaks up the beautiful Arizona scenery.

Starry Skies Part 2

Similar to previous pitstops along Alien Highway, parts of Arizona offer some of the best stargazing conditions due to minimal light pollution, high altitude, and clear weather.

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