America Declassified: Area 51, Marijuana Pictures

America Declassified’s team of investigators, including special guest Kari Byron from MythBusters, dig into the country’s secrets, including Area 51 and marijuana farms.
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Recently declassified US government documents finally admit the existence of one of the most secretive and mysterious places in America: Area 51.

Kari Byron meets the Patriots Jet Team’s pilot Randy Howell, who puts on an airshow to demonstrate some of extreme maneuvers such as the “tail slide” and “knife-edge pass” to see if these maneuvers can make the airplanes look like an alien spacecraft.

Kari travels down Nevada's Highway 375 known as “Extraterrestrial Highway” to Area 51.

This “Alien Research Center” on the Extraterrestrial Highway offers souvenirs for alien enthusiasts brave enough to venture inside.

A view of the alien wares available at the Alien Research Center.

Former CIA officer Mike Baker stands in front of the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office in California. Mendocino County is one of the 3 counties that make up the notorious Emerald Triangle, where more marijuana is grown outdoors than anywhere else in the world.

Sheriff Tom Allman gives Mike rare access to an evidence storage site where hundreds of pounds of marijuana are stored before being destroyed.

Mike gains special access to a legal marijuana grow site where he sees massive plants and sees how they are harvested and processed.

Former US Air Force Pararescueman Lou Haack investigates the domestic use of drones, asking if America’s laws are lagging behind the advances in drone technology and drone use.

A drone at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle University in Phoenix, AZ, is equipped with an HD video camera.

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