America Declassified: Escape From Alcatraz Photos

Former CIA officer Mike Baker investigates the infamous Alcatraz escape by attempting to recreate it, while geoscientist Ben McGee visits luxurious doomsday bunkers in a secret location.
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Mike Baker heads to California’s gold coast to conduct an investigation into the infamous Alcatraz prison break in June of 1962, an escape immortalized by countless books and even a Clint Eastwood feature film.

Mike Baker interviews the author of Alcatraz: A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years, Michael Esslinger, inside the notorious prison.

Convict Frank Morris' cell is where the escape hatch, seen here, was dug out for the jailbreak.

Alcatraz’s service passageway is where the prisoners escaped by climbing the pipes to reach a ceiling vent.

Mike Baker climbs aboard a pontoon raft built to the specs of the inmates’ raft in 1962 in an attempt to reach Angel Island from Alcatraz. Mike is on a mission to find out if this harrowing trip through the icy San Francisco Bay is even possible.

In a secret location in the heartland of Kansas, a Cold War-era missile silo has been converted into a 15-story, underground luxury bunker.

Geoscientist Ben McGee tries to get past the bunker’s security force, which includes hard-core warriors packing fully loaded automatic weapons and commanded by a US military special ops veteran.

Ben McGee is given a tour of the luxurious underground condo facilities.

When armageddon hits, a handful of wealthy individuals will be tucked into these million-dollar luxury survival condos.

Because the facility is underground, "windows" in each condo are fitted with high-definition TV screens that offer a selection of scenes.

A glimpse of the bunker’s indoor pool.

The underground condo community even includes a movie theatre.

The community is prepared for the worst with a full-stocked grocery store, complete with live fish tanks. But how long could the occupants live happily together in this confined space?

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