America Declassified: Jamestown, Pensmore Pictures

America Declassified delves into the story of Jamestown and investigates the formidable Pensmore Mansion.
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The skull of a young girl was found at the site of Jamestown, the first permanent British settlement in America, and shows that the early settlers may have resorted to cannibalism.

This facial reconstruction of the Jamestown victim was done by a Brooklyn-based modeling studio in an effort to give her an identity.

At the original site of Jamestown, a replica house and fort wall endures the winter.

Senior curator for the Jamestown Rediscovery Project Bly Straube shows former CIA officer Mike Baker the reconstructed skull that was found at Jamestown. She explains how they determined the gender and age of the victim.

John Wayne’s movie, The Conqueror, was filmed in Snow Valley, UT, just 100 miles from a Nevada nuclear test site. Could this be the reason why 90 members of the film’s cast and crew contracted cancer?

Mike Baker and geoscientist Ben McGee arrive at the modern-day site of the John Wayne movie.

John Wayne with members of the cast and crew on the set of The Conqueror.

Mike Baker and Ben McGee get a sample of the soil in Snow Valley, UT, to see if there are cancer-causing traces of radiation present in the dirt.

The bulletproof, bomb-resistant Pensmore Mansion sits deep within the Ozark Mountains.

Built with special concrete, the expansive Pensmore Mansion is believed to be able to withstand tornado-force winds, earthquakes and explosions. But what is this building’s true purpose?

Natural tunnels in the area surrounding Pensmore like this one add to the conspiracy theory that Illuminati tunnels run beneath the mansion.

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