America Declassified: Vegas Underground Pictures

From “less lethal” weapons to the city hidden beneath Las Vegas, America Declassified's hand-picked team of investigators dig into the hidden corners of America.

In Las Vegas, investigate reporter Michelle McPhee and journalist Matt O’Brien explore the vast network of storm drain tunnels inhabited by hundreds of people who have fallen through the cracks of society.

Boston crime reporter Michelle McPhee is guided by Matt O'Brien into this hidden world, where she sees disturbing art, ominous poetry on the walls and the forgotten souls who live under one of the richest, brightest and busiest destinations on earth.

Internet chatter and talk radio are calling recycling a hoax, suggesting that many of the items placed in those blue bins by well-meaning Americans ultimately end up in landfills anyway.

San Francisco disc jockey Mike Nelson gets access to his local recycling center to find out how much of the city's so-called recyclables really end up being re-used, and how much ultimately ends up in the landfill.

Former CIA officer Mike Baker travels to Scottsdale, AZ, to the headquarters of Taser International, the maker of the ubiquitous weapon used by 17,000 police officers in 107 countries.

While at the Taser International headquarters, Mike investigates how the weapon works, fires one and even subjects himself to the incapacitating 1800-volt jolt.

At McHenry County Jail in Illinois, Mike gets shot with PepperBalls. PepperBalls contain pava, a chemical derived from spicy chili peppers.

Mike holds a few PepperBalls. Could these “less lethal” weapons be used to stifle protest and dissent without harming people?

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