America Declassified: Whitey Bulger, City on Fire

Go behind the scenes as our investigators uncover secrets about fugitive gangster Whitey Bulger, a city on fire, and one man's castle of stone.
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Investigator Michele McPhee visits the Boston waterfront to learn more about the notorious Whitey Bulger, a ruthlessly cunning thug who muscled his way to the top of Boston’s organized crime empire.

This Santa Monica, CA, apartment building is where Whitey Bulger hid for 16 years in plain sight, until his arrest in 2011.

Whitey Bulger had the city of Boston under his thumb. With friends in high places, Whitey had protection from prosecution in exchange for tips on the Italian mafia and generous gifts of cash.

Veteran crime reporter Michele McPhee gets exclusive access to Bulger’s apartment for an unprecedented look at his secret life. She investigates a rumor that the FBI protected Bulger in Santa Monica, just 7 miles from the Bureau’s LA offices.

The once vibrant town of Centralia, PA, has vanished -- the victim of a simple but horrific mistake.

In May of 1962, Centralia officials ordered the routine burning of the town’s garbage. Smoldering embers from the ill-fated garbage fire fell into one of the coal-mining town’s abandoned tunnels, igniting the remaining coal inside.

Ben McGee and Jennifer Elick send a probe into the still-burning tunnels to measure the temperature and oxygen level.

Ben stands below the flying drone he sends over Centralia to photograph the area with an infrared camera.

Investigator and former CIA Officer Mike Baker and retired construction worker Wally Wallington attempt to move a stone as part of their investigation of one of America’s most enigmatic architectural monuments … the Coral Castle in Homestead, FL.

Mike and Wally walk to an arch made of coral stone during their investigation of the Coral Castle, which is reportedly the work of one man: Ed Leedskalnin. But how could he have built it all himself?

Tourists visit the Coral Castle’s courtyard. Built from more than a thousand tons of stone, the castle includes stone blocks that dwarf anything at Stonehenge.

Mike tries his hand at chiseling coral stone himself.

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