3 Reasons Why You'll Be Hooked on 'America Unearthed'

Get ready to investigate ancient artifacts, uncover hidden tombs and discover lost relics... all right here in the USA.

Host Scott Wolter examines a ship petroglyph at the San Fernando Petroglyphs in Baja California, Mexico. As seen on Travel Channel's America Unearthed.

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When you think of ancient ruins with hieroglyphs and pyramids you likely think of Egypt or Peru, but you may be shocked to learn that similar sites have been found right here in the US. In our new show America Unearthed, we’re exploring the hidden history in our own backyard and it’s guaranteed to be your new obsession. Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss an episode.

1. Scott Wolter is Indiana Jones IRL.

Host Scott Wolter hikes through the jungle in Veracruz, Mexico. As seen on Travel Channel's America Unearthed.

Part explorer, part scientist, host Scott Wolter is one tough adventurer. The forensic geologist has helped government officials and police across the country investigate crimes by dating artifacts, but he is most known for his work with ancient runes. He even invented a new process to date inscribed stone artifacts called archaeopetrography.

And like Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr., Wolter has also searched for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. While he doesn’t have an old-school study like Indy, he does have a seriously-cool, high-tech lab in his hometown of Minneapolis that’s featured in the show.

2. The artifacts will blow your mind.

Host Scott Wolter inspects alien artifacts at the JAC Detector base camp in the jungle of Veracruz, Mexico. As seen on Travel Channel's America Unearthed.

The most shocking element of this show may not be the mysteries, but that the artifacts are found in the US. “There’s a hidden history here that nobody knows about,” says Wolter. Episode after episode will challenge what you were taught in history class as a kid, from Mayan ruins in Georgia to Egyptian relics in the Grand Canyon.

3. Even myths have some truth.

Host Scott Wolter inspects alien artifacts at the JAC Detector base camp in the jungle of Veracruz, Mexico. As seen on Travel Channel's America Unearthed.

Like history, myths are up for debate in this show. Wolter investigates some of the most infamous and iconic lore in the US, from the mythical menehune people in Hawaii to ancient records of Bigfoot in California. Wolter sets out to give these stories context by examining skeletal remains, runes and other artifacts. And sometimes his findings suggest that these tall tales have a whole lot of truth to them.

Don’t miss all-new episodes of America Unearthed beginning Tuesday, May 28 at 10|9c.

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