Andrew Zimmern Explores Medellin's Local Favorites

Medellin taxi drivers show Andrew very different sides of Colombia's capital city in Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Food

Artistry in Medellin

Police take a break in front of an elaborate mural found one in of Medellin's outer communas.

Medellin, Colombia

Once considered one of the world's most dangerous cities, Medellin is now one of Colombia's liveliest. Andrew Zimmern tours very different sides of the capital city with local cab drivers as his guides.

Medellin Entertainment

Andrew gets friendly with a guinea pig that passersby place bets on with a street performer.

Street Meats

Street vendors in Medellin are famous for their smoked meats.

Street Soup

Andrew and his driver found this street vendor at a construction site on the outskirts of Medellin serving up chicken and bone soup.

A Colombian Favorite

Medellin street vendors also specialize in bunuelos, fried dough balls.

Medellin's Best Guides

Cab driver Wilson Castaneda drives Andrew Zimmern through Medellín to find fresh smoked meats at a popular spot with locals under a bridge.

Meat Techniques

A street vendor under a bridge in Medellin smokes meats and adds extra heat via a hairdryer.

Chunchurria and Cheese

Chunchurria, the fried small intestine of a pig, is a local delicacy in Medellin.

Chatting over Chunchurria

A fan who recognized Andrew stops to chat and try the chunchurria from the street vendors under the bridge.

Where Cabbies Eat

Andrew and one of his driver guides, George Agudelo, chat over bandeja paisa at Leneros, a popular cabbie spot.

Traditional Colombian Cuisine

Bandeja paisa is a popular Colombian dish of various meats, beans and a fried egg. This one also has a small "salad."

Games and Gunpowder

Andrew winds up his throw during a game of Tejo, Colombia's official national sport that combines disc tossing, beer and gunpowder.

Carmen's Kitchen

Chefs Rob and Carmen Pevitts relocated to Medellin from the U.S. to open Carmen, considered one of the best restaurants in Colombia.

Pork and More Pork

Carmen's Pork Two Ways dish has braised pork tenderloin and pork belly with a sugar glaze and sweet potato puree.

Medellin, Then and Now

Medellin was once a hotbed of drug activity and crime -- it was drug cartel king Pablo Escobar's homebase and also where he was killed -- but has been on the move, economically and culturally, over the past several decades.

Burger Time

A cheeseburger from Chef Burger in Medellin, considered one of the best in town.

More Bandeja Paisa

Another variation on bandeja paisa from Donde Diana in Medellin.

American-Style Chicken

Rotisserie chicken from Pollos Mario la America in Medellin.

Colombia's Football

Andrew and his driver, Wilson Castaneda, take a break for a quick soccer game with Wilson's friends.

Andrew Suits Up

Medellin has many ideal launching spots for paragliding over the beautiful mountainsides of Medellin.


Andrew prepares to stick his landing after paragliding over Medellin.

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