Andrew Zimmern Explores Bangkok's Local Eats

He's been to Bangkok dozens of times, but never like this. On Driven by Food , Andrew Zimmern gets a tour of the town's street food scene, a crash course in Muay Thai fighting and more from its local cab drivers. 

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Driven by Dinner

Andrew Zimmern and his driver Pias grab a bite to eat at T&K Seafood in Bangkok's unique Chinatown area. Here, you can find Chinese food with a Thai influence.

The Locals' Tour of Bangkok

Andrew lets native cab drivers call the shots and pick his itinerary in his tour of Bangkok on "Driven by Food."

Ratchawat Market

This older market is in a less congested area of Bangkok. Here, you'll find great, traditional foods, but you'll also be exposed to things you can't find elsewhere.

Ratchawat Market

Fresh chilies, anyone?

Ratchawat Market

And there's also plenty of fried meats to go around at the market.

Bangkok at Night

The Chao Phraya River is a sight to be seen after dark. Nightlife, transportation, markets and more all surround the urban waterway.

Street Vendors

Andrew Zimmern says the best streets foods in the world can be found in Bangkok.

Bangkok Transportation

Driver Weera poses with his tuk tuk, a three-wheeled, open air taxi that serves as a major mode of transporation around Bangkok.

Andrew in the Ring

With help from his driver Tawatchai and American fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu, Andrew gets a crash course in Muay Thai fighting, which is a huge part of Thailand's national identity.

Protein Binge

After a grueling practice session, Andrew, Sylvia and Tawatchai share a family style meal like many fighters do.

Wat Pho Temple

Street food is everywhere in Bangkok, including just around the corner from this, the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

New Heights

Andrew and his driver Pias visit with famous shoe designer Oneruk, who designs shoes that look like works of art. Here, they assist Miss Perfect Angel -- the winner of the annual beauty contest for Thailand's transgender women -- as she models 14-inch high heels created by Oneruk.

Andrew Catches Waves

Bangkok's Flow House is the perfect place to cool off with its surf simulator.

Bangkok's Best

This crab dish is from Soei Restaurant, one of Andrew Zimmern's favorite restaurants in Bangkok. Pictured: crab dish.

Bangkok's Best

This spicy fish dish is an exmaple of the many flavors and seafood delicacies you can experience in a day in Bangkok.


Andrew Zimmern's MO is ordering a smattering of dishes to try as much as possible at a new restaurant.

Seafood, Seafood and More Seafood

If you leave Bangkok not stuffed on seafood, you didn't do Bangkok right.

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Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is a food writer, TV personality, chef, and teacher.  Find out more about the host of Bizarre Foods America.

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