Best of Tony's Live Tweets

See our picks from Tony's best tweets during Haiti and Boston.
For the No Reservations Haiti and Boston episodes Anthony Bourdain tweeted live @NoReservations for the full hour. See our picks for Tony's best tweets from the night.
From @NoReservations

Let the whining begin: "how could Bourdain come to Boston and not sample our...( insert genre of food here)?"

From @NoReservations

Pork and clams together. Nice! #noreservations

From @NoReservations

"@thirty3anda3rd:when did you get your first "ass-kicking?" Was it when you were working in P-town?" 105th and Amsterdam. 1981.

From @NoReservations

"@Jflores124: @NoReservations, Does this mean no more shots of you in the ring?" no fakkin' way!

From @NoReservations

"Gentlemanly Repose" Mike Ruffino's memoir. Funniest rock bio ever. #NoReservations

From @NoReservations

Mike (Ruffino) did the score for the whole show. And he cleaned his plate too! #NoReservations

From @NoReservations

Tip for future food TV hosts: always discuss colonoscopies during food scenes #NoReservations

From @NoReservations

Series Boston foodies will hate this ep. Serious Boston Alchies will find plenty to love #NoReservations

From @NoReservations

Jammies. Check. Jerky treats. Check. Valium. Check. Oh, Jesus! beer! Nada!

From @NoReservations

Chef Jose Andres was camped out at the bar for much of the week, drinking rum sours.

From @NoReservations

I will hear no ill will spoken of Sean Penn. Six months LIVING on site in a tent. Two weeks out of month since.

From @NoReservations

We were ready to fold after a week of shooting in Haiti. He (Sean Penn) lives there the majority of the time.

From @NoReservations

I bought some of this stuff. And think it's beautiful. 

(In reference to the art work of the Haitian people).

From @NoReservations

And they almost NEVER sell a single piece. But make art all day...every day...

From @NoReservations

Wrong. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved in short term.

(In response to @recycle2inspire: It's sad to think the millions raised shows no proof that rehabilitation for Haiti occurred).

From @NoReservations

He was there, working round clock to prepare. And he does live in a tent.

(In response to @NickDPDecker: Where was Sean Penn during the storm?)

From @NoReservations

I know. I know. No upbeat ending, but there it is.

From @NoReservations

Look. Look at this!

(In reference to the hundreds of tents in Port-au-Prince Tony saw while flying overhead during a helicopter ride).

From @NoReservations

Goodnight everybody. Thanks for watching.

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