No Reservations: Croatian Coast Pictures

Tony Bourdain travels to the Croatian coast to sample some of the freshest seafood in the Adriatic Sea.
Episode: Croatian Coast
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Tony Bourdain and Mate eat lunch on a yacht off the Croatian coast.

The beautiful Croatian city of Rovinj, situated along the north Adriatic Sea.

A gorgeous shot of the countryside of Motovun in the distance.

A dish of bonito at the restaurant Konoba Batelina.

Tony and Mate visit the popular fish market in Zadar, a small city within the historical region of Dalmatia, Croatia.

The Roman amphitheater Pula Arena.

Tony takes a catnap while cruising along the Adriatic Sea.

Fuzi pijukanci, a pasta dish with white truffles, at Mondo Konoba restaurant. Mondo Konoba is nestled on a hill outside of the village of Motovun in central Istria, Croatia.

A beautiful shot of the Adriatic Sea in the background of Pag island.

Tony and Mate clean freshly caught mussels from the Limski kanal ("Lim Channel").

Tony goes in for the kill.

Tony, Oli (Tony’s left) and Mate sample freshly caught tuna.

Tony and Mate in the local newspaper.

A wide shot of the seafood company Kali Tuna D.o.o.'s pens, where Tony received a hands-on lesson in tuna farming.

Another catnap … one too many glasses of wine. Good wine.

The sunset over Rovinj, Croatia.

With the wind in his hair, Tony cruises along the Adriatic Sea.

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