No Reservations: Dominican Republic Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Anthony Bourdain and crew, as they visit the Dominican Republic during the final tour of No Reservations.
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Chimichurri sandwiches at Chimi el Caco in Santo Domingo.

Tony and local filmmaker Juan Basanta at Meson D' Bari restaurant.

An outside shot of the beautiful Meson D' Bari.

Anthony Bourdain and cameraman Jerry Risius take an ATV to El Cabito restaurant , just outside of Las Galeras.

A fisherman's fresh catch of the day in Santo Domingo.

Tony admires the view at Playa Rincon.

Tony and Ruben Lamarche wait in line for chicharrón (pork rinds).

A beautiful shot of the lagoon at Playa Rincon.

Tony is impressed with the spit-roasted lechon at Lechonera el Monumento in Santo Domingo.

Tony and Ruben Lamarche enjoy the sancocho (stew) prepared by a neighborhood legend called "The Brain."

Tony and cameraman Jerry Risius at El Cabito cliff restaurant.

Tony and Dominican film producer Ivan Herrera in Boca Chica beach.

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