No Reservations: Lisbon Pictures

Tony Bourdain travels to the picturesque city of Lisbon for seafood, Fado and more.
Episode: Lisbon
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Tony plays the game chinquilho with a local player and chef Ljubomir Stanisic (right).

Tony with chef Henrique Sa Pessoa at the Mercado de Alvalade Norte.

Tony goes octopus fishing off the coast of Lisbon.

Tony chats with the Dead Combo (Tó Trips, right, and Pedro V. Gonçalves, left) at the café-bar Sol e Pesca.

A picturesque shot of Lisbon with narrow streets and classic cable cars.

Both Tony and cameraman Todd Liebler take photo shots of the cooked octopus in the coastal town of Cova do Vapor.

Tony deep in conversation at chef Ljubomir Stanisic's restaurant -- 100 Maneiras.

Pedro V. Gonçalves of the Dead Combo performs at the Tivoli Theater in Lisbon.

Tony tries ginjinha, a liqueur made from Morello cherries.

A residential scene in Lisbon. Can you imagine climbing these steps each day?

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