Baggage Battles: California Scheming Pictures

The auction specialists wage war at the crazy, eclectic Santa Cruz Lost Property Auction in Santa Cruz, CA. Mark battles Billy over antique toys, and the Martins try to to win vintage skateboards.
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Mark walks through the auction preview in Santa Cruz.

Sally and Laurence consider the value of a doll that's up for auction.

Billy dons a fez during the auction preview.

Mark stands alongside toy expert Traci Lombardo as she inspects a toy bus that's up for sale at the auction.

The Baggage Battles crew catches Billy in the act: looking at items at the auction.

Laurence and Sally admire an unidentified lot that will soon be up for bid at the auction.

Billy and Laurence, at their best: goofing around at the auction.

Billy holds a coveted leather bag during the auction.

Laurence has his eyes on this guitar up for sale at the auction.

Mark bids on an unspecified lot during the auction.

Perplexed by the recent bidding war, Billy sits with his face in his hands.

Laurence and Sally can't contain their excitement during the auction. What are they so excited about? Watch Baggage Battles: California Scheming to find out!

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