Baggage Battles: Daredevils Pictures

The buyers travel to Toronto to bid on international freight and baggage. One of the experts finds an item manufactured by legendary daredevil, Evel Knievel.
Episode: Daredevils

Laurence Martin hops on a motorcycle while Sally looks on in amusement during the auction preview in Toronto.

Billy Leroy stands by a row of boxed home appliances, trying to decide which one to bid on, during the auction preview.

Mark Meyer examines a powder-blue suitcase during the preview.

Sally giggles as she and Laurence discuss the Geiger counter he found during the auction preview.

Mark can't contain his excitement as he digs through baseball memorabilia during the auction preview.

Billy considers the wide variety of suitcases available for bid. How does one choose?

Laurence and Sally place a bid with a determined look on their faces during the auction.

Billy holds up his arms in victory at the auction.

He loves those Pelican cases! Mark happily cradles his winnings during the auction.

Laurence examines a garment found in a suitcase won at auction in Toronto, while Sally checks over a plastic object found in the bag.

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