Baggage Battles: Golden Ticket Pictures

The auction specialists travel to Nashville, TN, where pop-culture memorabilia can be found everywhere. One buyer scores a "Golden Ticket" after finding a Willy Wonka candy bar.
Episode: Golden Ticket
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Laurence Martin models a character head from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the auction preview.

Billy Leroy and Mark Meyer inspect the pink Cadillac front end that's going up for bid.

Billy uses his sense of smell to determine whether or not he's going to bid on this sealed item at the Nashville auction.

Mark stops to think in front of an old metal cabinet at the Nashville auction.

Laurence challenges Sally to a game of Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots during the Nashville auction preview.

Auction bidders gather for battle at the auction in Nashville.

Mark tries to suppress a smile while placing what he believes will be a winning bid during the Nashville auction.

Sally and Laurence closely follow the proceedings at the Nashville auction.

Billy hopes the next lot to come up for bid at the Nashville auction will spark his interest.

Traci casts an intimidating look toward one of the other bidders in the (literal) heat of the Nashville auction.

Mark patiently watches the action unfold around him during the Nashville auction.

Laurence fans out a few hundred-dollar bills for the clerk as he and Sally cash out following the Nashville auction.

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