Baggage Battles: Lady Luck Pictures

The auction action gets taken to a whole new level when Billy, Mark, and the Martins find themselves combatting new challenger, Traci Lombardo, in their quest for auction riches in St. Paul, MN.
Episode: Lady Luck

Laurence Martin "mean mugs" the camera as the crew sets up a new shot behind him.

Traci Lombardo looks over a bow and arrow set, one of the many items that will soon be up for sale during the auction in St. Paul.

Billy Leroy considers his interest as he examines a military ammunition shell during the St. Paul auction preview.

Laurence and Sally Martin take a good, hard look at one of the items up for sale in St. Paul during the auction preview.

Laurence and Sally look toward a crate that's up on the auction block in St. Paul.

Bad news for Mark as he loses a bid during the St. Paul auction.

The excitement is infectious as Sally throws back her arms in celebration during the St. Paul auction.

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