Baggage Battles: Liar Liar Pictures

The auction specialists travel to Shreveport, LA, for a sheriff's auction. Unlike most police auctions, this one includes items from the DEA, ATF, FBI and local sheriffs' offices.
Episode: Liar Liar
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Laurence Martin gets up close and personal with an antique gas pump during the auction preview.

Billy Leroy carries an old bag as he looks over a variety of items up for bid.

An assortment of items up for bid in Shreveport.

Mark Meyer looks over a rifle that's up for bid.

Sally Martin takes a moment to catch her breath as Laurence continues examining antique gas pumps during the auction preview.

Sally holds back Laurence from further bidding during the auction.

Billy poses with his ax after destroying some equipment following the auction.

Billy holds up a sleeve of baseball cards from the auction in Shreveport.

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