Baggage Battles: Mike Tyson's Punch Out Pictures

The auction specialists travel south to Jacksonville, FL, where they go head-to-head over Mike Tyson, the Incredible Hulk and Han Solo.
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Laurence Martin is in his "happy place" as he tests out a green motorcycle during the Jacksonville auction preview.

Mark Meyer fist bumps the Incredible Hulk at the Jacksonville auction.

Mark does his best Han Solo in carbonite impression as Billy Leroy looks on, puzzled.

Standing in front of an animated alligator … Laurence contemplates his next bid at the Jacksonville auction.

Mark talks to an auction staffer to make a determination on an item he wants to bid on.

Billy inspects a table full of items soon to be up for bid.

Laurence dons a vintage military jacket during the Jacksonville auction.

Mark stands next to a life-size statue of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

A shocked and amazed Billy Leroy at the Jacksonville auction.

Laurence throws up his arms in celebration during the Jacksonville auction. What’s all the excitement about? Watch the Mike Tyson's Punch Out episode to find out.

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