Baggage Battles: Sin City Win Pictures

Go behind the scenes as the specialists travel to Las Vegas for an estate auction. Billy Leroy seeks revenge as the Martins Mark team up to buy a vintage gas pump.
Episode: Sin City Win

Laurence Martin plays with an old phone at the Las Vegas auction.

Mark Meyer "takes a knee" and discusses some of the items he's finding during the auction preview in Las Vegas.

Billy Leroy reaches toward one of the many items up for bid at the auction in Las Vegas.

Sally previews items on a shelf during the auction preview.

Billy and Mark discuss going in together on a bid for a vintage gas pump.

Traci Lombardo contemplates the contents of the box.

Sally and Laurence admire a piece of decorative art during the Las Vegas auction preview.

The auction crowd assembles for the bidding action.

Billy, Sally and Traci put on their game faces and wait for their moment to bid during the Las Vegas auction, while Laurence waits to see if he has won an item.

Billy bites his lips and cocks back his fist, ready to celebrate a win after a heated battle for bidding supremacy during the Las Vegas auction.

Sally tries to restrain Laurence and prevent him from bidding in the heat of the Las Vegas auction.

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