Baggage Battles: What a Dummy Pictures

Go behind the scenes with the buyers as they visit a lucrative police auction in Stockton, CA, to bid on valuable mannequins, vintage slot machines and more.
Episode: What a Dummy
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Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

During the auction preview in Stockton, CA, Mark Meyer gets up close and personal with a decorative camel.

Billy Leroy enters the Stockton auction, ready to bid and ready to win.

Mark suffers a "dramatic loss" at the hands of a vintage slot machine in Stockton during the auction preview.

Mark examines some old medals that will soon go up for bid during the auction in Stockton.

Laurence finds a banjo and hams it up for Sally during the auction preview in Stockton.

A bird's-eye view of the auction action in Stockton.

Billy readies himself for the start of bidding during the Stockton auction.

Laurence glances at Sally in the heat of the Stockton auction action.

Mark bids on an unspecified lot during the auction in Stockton.

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