Bikinis & Boardwalks: The One & Only Pictures

From bikinis and baseball in Coney Island, NY, to tans and thrills in Wildwood, NJ, take a tour of these 2 historic boardwalks.
Episode: The One & Only
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Coney Island is the birthplace of the world’s first roller coaster, the Switchback Railway that opened here in 1884.

The original visual pleasures of New York City were old-school Vaudevillian shows, and this is a tradition that Coney Island continues with its circus sideshow acts.

The Brooklyn Flyer at Coney Island is just one of the many stomach-churning rides on this famous island that’s not really an island ... it’s a peninsula!

Located in the borough of Brooklyn, just an hour from Times Square, Coney Island is the Big Apple’s beach, with the most famous boardwalk in the country.

Coney Island’s history goes back nearly 2 centuries when the first resort opened in 1829. It was a destination by horse and buggy, train or trolley car and an escape from the city squalor.

Three hours away from Coney Island is another hot spot with a uniquely wild attitude. Welcome to the Wildwood, NJ, boardwalk … a destination with lots of swagger.

For generations, Wildwood has held claim to the tallest, fastest and scariest rides around.

Today, Wildwood’s boardwalk is nearly 2 miles long, and there’s no better way to start a day at Wildwood than with an epic, heart-pounding ride.

Right on the southernmost tip of the New Jersey shore, just around the corner from Cape May, Wildwood is New Jersey’s top-rated beach. You can tan, splash, or scream at this ultimate summer playground.

Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel was built in 1920, and it’s still rocking and rolling today. It’s one of the only Ferris wheels in the world with cars that slide from side to side as the wheel turns.

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