Delightfully Delicious Sweet And Savory Pies

What better way to celebrate Pi Day, which falls on March 14 every year -- 3/14, in honor of pi, a math constant written as 3.14159 -- than to gawk at a collection of delicious pies? Here are 14 sweet and savory ones you can get in shops and restaurants around the country. 

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Salted Caramel Pie - Atlanta

The Salted Caramel Pie at Atlanta's Oak Steakhouse may make you swoon over its gooey goodness. Sea salt enhances the sweet caramel flavor, and each slice is topped with fluffy whipped cream and bits of chocolate. 

Apple Pie Slab - Atlanta

The Apple Slab Pie is a new favorite at Lure, a fresh seafood restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. It's not served at lunch, but you can try it as a dinner substitute with a scoop of brown sugar ice cream and a slice of aged Gouda cheese. Trust us on this.

Towering Coconut Cream Pie - Multiple Locations

Sink your fork through the mound of whipped cream, past the layer of coconut-custard filling and into the thick, vanilla wafer crust of this slice. As if it wasn't rich enough, the Towering Coconut Cream Pie served at Del Frisco's Grille is topped with decadent white chocolate shavings for just the right amount of sweetness. 

Raspberry Rhubarb Jalapeno Pie - Custer, SD

The Purple Pie Place, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, makes its own pies in flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb, Bumbleberry and Blackberry. But it's the Raspberry Rhubarb Jalapeno Pie, made with locally-sourced rhubarb, that has become a customer favorite, thanks to its combination of sweetness, spiciness and tartness.

Backyard Calamondin Cream Pie - West Palm Beach, Fla.

Calamondins are small fruits that come from citrus trees (often mandarin oranges) crossed with kumquats. They're tart and even sour, until they're turned into Backyard Calamondin Cream Pies at the Hilton West Palm Beach. Hotel chefs use calamondins from the trees around the pool deck to make these pies in-house. 

Monica's Grape Pie - Naples, NY

New York's Finger Lakes region is wine country, so it's not surprising that all those vineyards inspired Monica Schenk, of Monica's Pies, to create grape-infused baked goods, jams, jellies and more. Her popular Grape Pie features sweet and tangy Concord grapes, and she has generously provided the recipe on her website. 

Fried Pies - Nashville

Old-fashioned fried pies are on the menu every day at Nashville's Peg Leg Porker. These classic Southern favorites come in flavors that include chocolate, peach and apple, and you can enjoy them a la mode.

Bourbon Pecan Pie - Atlanta

There are pecan pies, and there are flavored pecan pies. This one has a touch of Bourbon to rachet up the taste of the delicious filling and the topping of freshly chopped pecans. Sweet Auburn BBQ, in Atlanta, serves it with a scoop of High Road Brown Butter Praline Ice Cream, whipped cream, strawberries and salted caramel. Better save room for this one. 

Key Lime Pie - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The homemade Key Lime Pie at Nelson's, at L.A.'s Terranea Resortfeatures a tart filling and a powdery, graham cracker crust. All this citrusy decadence is garnished with whipped cream and twists of fresh lime. 

Pueblo Pie - Albuquerque

Traditional Pueblo pies are made with sweet prune, apple or pumpkin fillings, layered between sheets of cakey dough. The Pueblo people of New Mexico have baked them in outdoor ovens, made of adobe and heated with cedar, for centuries. They're popular with diners at Albuquerque's Pueblo Harvest Cafe, located in the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center.

Cranberry Tarragon Pie - Albuquerque

Tell the others at your table you're not sharing. The Cranberry Tarragon Pie at Standard Diner comes as an individual serving with a scoop of house-made tarragon ice cream. In case you've never tried tarragon, it's a spice with an aroma similar to anise, and it tastes slightly bittersweet. 

Greek Pot Pie - Yardley, Penn.

Canal Street Grille, in Bucks County, Penn., specializes in homemade Greek-style and American foods. Their Greek Pot Pie is a classic chicken pot pie with a delicious twist: It's prepared with layers of tender phyllo dough. 

Yoder's Peanut Butter Cream Pie - Sarasota, Fla.

Yoder's Amish Resturant, in Sarasota County, Fla., is famous for its homemade pies. The bakers prepare more than 100 fresh pies daily, in more than 25 different varieties. Don't miss the yummy Peanut Butter Cream Pie, made from Mrs. Yoder's original recipe and served with fresh whipped cream. 

Sweet Pickle Pie - Bicknell, Utah

Utah's Sunglow Family Restaurant and Motel might take the cake, so to speak, for unusual pies. Its Sweet Pickle Pie has a mincemeat-like texture, with flavors of allspice and cinnamon, and, of course, tangy sweet pickles. Try a pie sampler that comes with four slices: one sweet pickle, and one each of buttermilk, oatmeal and pinto bean pies. 

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